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It’s the way he makes you laugh from across a crowded room – the kind of laugh that comes from deep within, from a place of delight and comfort. It’s the inside jokes that live in the spaces between you and her, how your friends don’t understand the crazy “connection” between the two of you.

It’s scooter rides and road trips. It’s midnight burritos and action movies. It’s the way you both have a creepy fetish with all things yellow, or the way you both can’t live without your childhood teddy bear. It’s three-hour phone calls, love letters, and sipping mochas on the boardwalk. It’s adventures across the world, and walks around the block.

It’s about how you’ve found your best friend, and you want to spend the rest of your life by their side.

We’re right there with you.

Tell us about your wedding day, and don’t forget to include all of the juicy details. Erin loves details. A lot.


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