New Orleans Shooting Workshop!

Jeff and I are not what you would call "morning people." Let's begin with that.

When our alarm went off in our hotel room at 5am for the third day in a row, my body all but revolted. Suddenly my arms nailed themselves to the bed and my eyelids turns into mini-anvils. My feet had no feeling whatsoever after a night on Bourbon street in my favorite heels, and my legs could not be convinced to move an inch. And remember, this was Central Time in New Orleans. Technically, it was 3am for us west coasters, and my body was not amused. But my tiny singing iPhone couldn't be stopped - and neither could the 30 people waiting for us downstairs in the lobby. Which at the thought of getting in front of 30 other photographers to teach them something made me want to crawl under my hotel comforter and never surface. A lifetime of living beneath a world of feather down softness wouldn't be so bad...

After Jeff dragged me out of bed and forced me into the shower, our little gaggle of photographers made our way into the morning streets of New Orleans (I've decided that if a group of photographers was to be named anything, it would be a gaggle. Like geese. Only we usually smell better. Usually...).

AND IT WAS A BLAST! I couldn't believe how much fun Jeff and I had leading this shooting workshop. We've been involved in other shoots like this quite a bit, but I've never had so much stinkin' fun! I have to say a huge THANK YOU to every single person that came to our shoot because everyone was so nice and encouraging and basically awesome when it came to being around 30 other photographers in a small alley with one amazing couple. You guys rocked our world and we feel incredibly blessed by your presence and your sheer enthusiasm to learn. Its like we were in front of 30 sponges that soaked up everything we said and did, which was both humbling and exciting!

A huge thanks also goes to Zach and Jody Gray, photographers out of Nashville who took the time to be our incredibly fabulous models, and also to local New Orleans photographer Chris Williams who helped us find our location for the shoot. We couldn't have done this without you guys!

And now, on to the main attraction... the shoot! While Jeff and I grabbed some great shots, our main focus was teaching and challenging other photographers to get even better shots than us, so this is just an inkling of the amazing stuff that everyone grabbed. Check out these other blogs to see some more of Zach and Jody: Scott Land, Erin O'Neil, Amy Lashelle, Abbie Rufener, Wendy Vee, Denise & Ryan Gotcher, Tonhya Kae, & Jeff & Betsy McCue!

We started on Canal Street and made our way to our chosen location, and right from the start Zach and Jody rocked the camera!

Here we are!

Jeff lead the charge and demonstrated how we connect with our couples right from the start.

And then we challenged others to take the lead, which is both terrifying and extremely fun at the same time!

A few shots I grabbed on the way to our alley. These guys didn't need much warming up!

A big 'ol thanks goes to our former bride Amy Lashelle, who let Jody borrow her wedding dress for the shoot! You may recognize this dress from her fabulous wedding in Salt Lake City??

Since her wedding, Amy has decided to become a photographer herself and she's rocking it! I can't wait to see where she takes her business!

This shoot was so relaxed and fun, and there were plenty of candid moments in between shots.

But then we got down to business! These guys are hot!

Jody, you're fabulous. Seriously.

This is Jeff's angle...

And this is mine. Love it!

One of my favorites from the day!

These guys had so much fun, and of course, there were brief Twitter breaks!

I think I was demonstrating how to be a guy... hmmm...

My cute hubby.

Everyone was so into the shoot! We had so much FUN with you guys!

At the end, someone asked us to demonstrate how we shoot First Looks, so here's a few images that we grabbed during our mock setup. These guys were great little actors!

And now we have Jeff's infamous "one last shot." On the way back to the hotel, Jeff and a few other stragglers at the end of the group ran across this Lamborghini Diablo and had to grab some shots! Love these!

Thanks everyone for your amazing attitudes and for coming out to the shoot! We can't wait to see the rest of the images you captured, so leave a link to your blog posts from this shoot or from PartnerCon in general in the comments below! We'd love to read them!




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Maya Laurent - It was so wonderful to go to your session in New Orleans! Wish I could have been at your shooting workshop! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Chelsea Nicole - Way to rock it out guys!! Incredible, totally HOT images and looks like the whole shoot was too much fun!

Daniel - This looks like SO much fun! I wish I could’ve been there.

amy lashelle - AHH This was such a fun work shop! Thanks for all your help, advice and modeling. Thanks erin for the boy demonstration :)

Jim Collins - I heard so many great comments from this shoot. It’s probably my fault that the poor Youngrens had to get up so early in the morning. I’d said something about the morning light…

I heart the Youngrens, Z&J and the others who made this all work.

Thanks so much for sharing. I love the shots of all of the photographers…

Emily Beaty - How fun!! Zach & Jody totally rocked it. Jon & I hope to attend the conference next year!! :)

Scott Miura - Awesome photos guys!! Thank you again for taking the lead on this shooters workshop, you guys rocked it.

Also, FYI (nothing major) but that is actually a Lamborghini Diablo and not a Ferrari (just in case you want to edit your post). Either way it doesnt matter because the car is not the subject – the amazing Zach and Jody are the center of attention here. =)

Abbie - Yay! It was such a fun day to shoot with you and Jeff! Thanks so much for stepping up b/c I wouldn’t have been able to shoot had you not volunteered. There’s even a picture of me with my camera! Yay! I’ve never seen myself in action so that’s super cool. Thanks again guys. You rock!

GrayPhotography - Zach and Jody - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!! you guys are the bomb-diggity!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get back home and view them on my big computer screen ( as opposed to my iPhone). You guys roooooooock!!!!! These make me so happy :) hugs hugs hugs -JG

bronson - p.s. I’m usually not like this…except when it come to cars. That’s a lamborghini ;)

s h e r r y - AWESOME! It looks great :D (Wish I could’ve been there)

Gina - Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
The clarity, the colors, the ROMANCE!
You captured it all!
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Paul McNerney - It’s like cheating shooting Zack and Jody;) Amazing shots!!!

Nathan - Great shots guys! I love your style and what you do to set up great shots.

tonhya kae - Wow you two, these are amazing! Thank you so much for being great teachers, and just great people to be around! I was so lucky I got to be a part of this shoot! And the Grays are of course so awesome. So bummed I missed Ferrari shots, they are soooo good! :) And Ooo OoO can I be added to the list? :) hee hee

Casey Figlewicz - Great shots! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Mary Marantz - You guys are AMAZING!! And Zach & Jody you guys are HAWT!!! 4 of my favorite people coming together for one perfect storm of amazingness! love it!!


Feuza - The Grays are like the most adorable folks on earth! so down to earth and nice! congrats to all of the photographers who had to not only lead in front of the Youngrens but had to lead amazing successful photographers as the Grays, so double brownie points! love love these shots, the colors, the sharpness and the happiness

Zach - Love these shots, guys. I’ve gotta hand it to your models too, they rocked it. Having a couple of cameras in your face is nerve racking enough much less a couple dozen!

Wendy Valderrama - Y’all were great on the shoot and I learned so much! It’s hard to take a bad pic of these two, but your images blew me away! You guys…oops, sorry, y’all are awesome!

shawnreeder - These are incredible Jeff and Erin!! And you’re right, Zach and Jody are smoking hot!! I wish I would have made this workshop, you two are sooo good!! Would love to see you in action. Amazing Amazing Amazing images!!!

Reuben Poon - AMAZING workshop! Thanks so much for everything you two do :)

scott anderson - Thank you so much Jeff & Erin for stepping up to lead and organize this amazing shooting workshop! Beautiful work, and inspiring leadership…TheYoungrens-style.

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