New Orleans Shooting Workshop | Recap

When Jeff and I teach, we are not perfect. When we shoot, we are not perfect. And when we tell jokes and try to be entertaining, we are definitely not perfect! So here's a big THANK YOU to the wonderful people that attended our shooting workshop at PartnerCon in New Orleans! Thank you for smiling back at us as we lovingly imparted our knowledge and for squeezing out a few laughs when we tried to be funny (you guys are the best). Thanks for your patience when the fire department hijacked our alley that Pictage had reserved for the shoot and thanks for squeezing in closer as we shouted over Mr. Leaf Blower Man that was so intent on the leaves that were right under our feet.

It meant the world to us.

It meant the world that you came ready to learn and that you asked the kinds of questions that weren't easy to ask. It meant the world that you accepted our challenges and chose to stretch your knowledge. And it meant the world that you would go home and do things differently and better, in both big and small ways. You are the reason that we love to teach so much, and when we get a crowd that is as eager and self-challenging as you guys were, it just feeds our teaching fires even more.

An enormous THANK YOU goes out to David and Tammy Molnar out of Nashville for modeling for us during our shooting workshop. It's the second year in a row that Nashville has represented in a fabulous way to our workshop - last year the fantastic Zach and Jody Gray stepped up to our modeling challenge, so we're keeping our eyes out for next year's Nashville talent! In the meantime, I wanna show off some of our favorite images from the shoot...

(If anyone else from the shoot has some images they would like to blog or share, just link back to this post and we'll give you a big 'ol shout out!)

How stinkin' cute are these guys? We had so much fun!

A little behind the lens action.


Love this one! We had quite a few Nikon shooters represent.

My favorite! Just look at those eyes...

Yes, I did have a point that I was making. I promise.

I never use this word, but these two are totally fierce.

HA! I love it!

A little fun at the end...

And then bring it on in! Love you guys!

Some of the photographers that we got to hang out with at the shoot also blogged some of their favorites - be sure to check them out and leave them some blog love!

Jeff & Jan Cleveland

Thanks to Pictage for putting everything together for us, and stay tuned for more info on upcoming learning opportunities from The Youngrens!




business west - You’ve got among the best web-sites.

Chelsea - Is that Jeff that I see in the group? Great to see him, since our wedding!! Love the images!!!

Katelyn Owens - Awesome photos!!! Very creative and fun! Great job! :)

Angela Collins - Love, love , love all these shots!! You guys are so awesome and how fun for all these great photographers to get a chance to learn from you. Thanks for the pics and can’t wait to see you guys soon!

Kira - The pictures are up! Yay! They turned out amazing! You two were a pleasure to work with. I had a ton of fun (even though I was the quiet one in the bunch,lol). Thanks for giving me/us the opprotunity to work with you and learn how you work with your clients on a day to day basis. I do wish I would of asked some questions and talked with you more. I was feeling sick the entire partnercon :( anyways, thanks again!

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