The Last Thing I Never Knew I Needed

Yesterday, Jeff and I had some work to do (on a Sunday I know - we can normally take the whole day off but there were pressing deadlines), and my mind was everywhere but where it needed to be. My brains were in a fog - I couldn't think, I couldn't focus, and I wasn't getting any work done. I slogged through the two red hot must-get-done-now items on my to-do list and then I wandered around the house, grabbed a swiffer and vaccuum and began working on the floors. But ten minutes later, I found my foggy self standing in the middle of the dining room staring at the wall, the running vaccuum pulling at the carpet.

Ho boy. It's been a long month of travel...

Jeff and I are back in the house after a month of Indiana, Oregon, Philly, and PartnerCon in San Diego. So the worst part about this mind-fog is that I felt guilty. Being gone for that long means that I have a mountain of work waiting in the office and shouldn't I be at the computer powering through it? Why am I being such a baby about a bit of lame mind-fog?

So I clicked off the vaccuum and trudged upstairs towards the office, my cold sock feet dragging along the dirty floors, running into Jeff as he headed out the door for an errand. He was working through HIS to-do list like a madman. I could feel my guilt multiplying.

Before I could pass into the office, he grabbed me into a sudden bear hug. "You know, if I came home and you were taking a bath, I wouldn't be pissed." He smiled.

"You sure? I have so much to do. You'll think I'm lazy..." I mumbled, burying my foggy forehead into his shoulder trying to hide from the monster of to-dos creeping from my desk, not able to meet his productive and efficient eyes.

"I've never thought that about you ever, and I'm not about to start."

I haven't taken a bath in like a year. We have an enormous bathtub too - one of those deep, wide bathtubs separate from the walk-in shower. The second I first saw that beast in our master bath, I was sold on our house like a cow at auction. It's the only bathtub that is actually big enough for my long legged self and doesn't make me feel like a giantess in a kiddie pool. Going once, going twice, SOLD to the lady with the spider legs.

So after a full year of lying dormant, I dusted off my collection of bubble baths, revved up the bathtub, cranked up a Fresh Air podcast, and gave in to the fog in my mind. I think Jeff knew there was no point in fighting it - which is why I love him so much. He always seems to know what I don't think I need.

There's so much coming to the bloggy-blog this week and next - and I wanted to share a few favorites from PartnerCon in San Diego last week, taken by our friend and local San Diego wedding photographer, Kent West. The first is Jeff on his panel, "Creating a Client-Focused Business", and me during my shared presentation with Elizabeth Villa, Katie Humphreys, and Rachel LaCour, "Become a Content Marketing Machine". And yes, I was paying attention. I was just Instagramming. I may have an unhealthy addiction to Instagram...




Lois Olson - I love how you write. It reads like a beautiful story. Glad you gave in and rested.

Melissa Jean - Um, that’s adorable. Gotta love when men force you to give yourself a break =)

Kent West - This is how marriage should be, well done you two!

Stephen Knuth - Love this… Real.. We’ve been feeling the same way with so much going on lately.. We took an extra day off today before another busy few weeks and it was so worth it. :)

Cory + Jackie - You definitely deserve it! You guys have had one crazy month!! It was great hanging out with you guys in San Diego. Looking forward to our next get together! Thailand maybe??

Isaac Stott - I love how you two just “get” each other! It is so cool to watch!

Megan Rieff - Erin,
This sounds like my life, except way more glamorous! I feel like this so often, my business is still a baby so I work several jobs, and the to do list never seems to end. Isn’t it wonderful to be married to such an understanding person? I don’t know what I would do without my sweet hubby.
Good luck with your pile of work,

Erin - @Andi I know right??? Going through life with our best friend by our sides is the greatest gift we’ve ever been given. I never knew that I could be loved like this – it’s life changing!

@Elizabeth Isn’t the ‘funk’ the worst?? And it’s so frustrating when I can’t figure out how to move past it! But somehow Jeff knows exactly what that thing is…

Andi Nicole - AND this is why your marriage will strive :) You guys make me happy how much you care for each other….I LOVE IT! It is my prayer that other women experience love like that of Jeff’s (and my husband!!) and makes me so happy when I see that happening. Like above, I’m glad you listened! I hope you enjoyed those bubbles! (P.S. My husband bought tons of bath stuff for my birthday this year but that was before we knew I was pregnant (GAH!) so I’m counting down the days when I can take a HOT HOT bath!) :-D

Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography - Awww Erin! I feel ya!!! I often find myself feeling guilty when I am in a funk because I know Ryan is powering through and making it happen! I am so proud of you for taking a break and listening to your body (and Jeff for recognizing exactly what you needed!)!! LOVE THAT! ;) Take care of yourselves!!! ;)

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