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A Brand New Happy Place + Photos at Versailles

Remember our trip to Paris? The poetry? The red awning? The Ray Charles cassette tapes? I do. I deeply do. It was one of those ‘life moments’ – one that rises to the top of the memories pile. Like when the doctor asks you to go to your happy place to keep you calm while he sticks a needle in your arm. Between riding bikes through Lucca in Italy, waking up in a mountain range in New Zealand, and reading poetry in Paris, I have a few happy places to pull from whenever necessary. “No sweat doc,” I say as I figuratively…

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Poetry, Ray Charles, and the Bastille
The Youngrens in Paris

I plopped down on the couch in the living room while our friend David sat on the floor next to the fireplace and his buddy Alex gazed out the window overlooking the Place de la Bastille and slowly sipped his red wine, one hand in his pocket. Jeff and David’s wife Nancy sat on the futon. Our half full wine glasses were either in our hands or sitting on a coffeetable near us. All of them reflected the warm rosy light that spilled from the table lamp in the corner that was covered in a red lampshade. It washed the…

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Helipad Engagement plus the City of Lights
Sneak Peeks

Today just couldn’t get here fast enough because there’s so much goodness coming up on the bloggy-blog over the next few weeks. Over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think, “You know, this Superbowl is pretty rad, but I just can’t wait for Monday to get here!” The joys of running your own business – Monday is the best day of the week. In fact, when the alarm went off this morning (yes, even though I work from home, the alarm is still VERY necessary) I threw myself sideways out of bed, scrubbed my teeth, threw on my favorite jeggings (jeans…

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