Best Monday Ever

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I woke up with a horrible case of the Cranky Pants on Monday morning. And like most Cranky-Pants syndromes, it was for absolutely no reason.

Jeff and I have learned to communicate in very special ways and we’ve figured out that when I wake up a little *eh-hem* off-kilter that I just need to let him know. That’s it. I just need to say right away that I’m not feeling in a very happy mood, and then I check myself into a Starbucks for the rest of the day and just write about it.

So as I was rolling out of bed and mentally packing my Starbucks laptop kit, fully prepared for a day of soy lattes and espresso noises, Jeff and his sneaky charms got in the way…

I mean, normally I get super annoyed when he pulls me off of my exercise ball/office chair first thing in the morning, landing me flat on my back on top of Gracie. But instead, we laughed for a full five minutes. Perhaps it was the way my skin rubbed against the exercise ball and sounded like a huge, well, like skin rubbing against a rubber exercise ball.

I’m sure you get it.

And then he just smiled his Jeffy smile the rest of the day. Maybe it was the way he said, “Hello, may I help you?” in the PERFECT receptionist voice after I came back into the office from a bathroom break. Or maybe it was how he played Indiana Jones with Gracie, the hallway, and the exercise ball during lunch.

Or maybe he was just having too good of a day for me to have a bad one.

In any case, I felt better. SO MUCH BETTER. And those of you out there that know Jeff probably know what I’m talking about. You know, the eight-year-old kid inside of him that decides to join us when we need it most?

Yeah, I love it too.



In: Casa de Youngren, Sweet and Sour
Tags: daily life, things that make me swoon