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Our Mini-Podcast Story

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Hi. Our names are Jeff and Erin Youngren, and we’re certified podcast-junkies.

Our love affair with audio storytelling began when a little purple podcast app showed up on my iPhone, and I downloaded my first episode of This American Life in 2008. Then came Radiolab… then Fresh Air… and within months, we were both hooked on podcasts. Our current favorites? StartUp, Mystery Show, and 99% Invisible. But my #1 love will always be This American Life. #besties4evahyo

We are so hooked on podcasts, in fact, that we produced our very own audio experiment – Youngren-style. Awww yeah.

As affectionate connoisseurs of audio, Jeff and I were curious about how our very own story would play out through sound. So we developed a podcast-style audio piece where Jeff and I talk about our journey and what we do as photographers, and I must say that our experiment played out pretty perfectly! Our audio-story lives on our Meet Jeff & Erin page, right at the very top because, well, we’re sort of head-over-heels in love with it. We would be so thrilled if you listened to our little project-of-love!

An enormous thanks goes out to the amazing Gene of Ear for Color for recording and producing this piece for us.

Listen to Our Story Here


We would love to hear what you think about our mini-Youngren-podcast, so don’t be a stranger once you take a listen. Enjoy!

(PS The lovely photos of Jeff and me? Those were taken by the uber-talented Dave Wittig. Thanks friend!)

Happy Listening,

In: Casa de Youngren, Our Love Story
Tags: daily life, things that make me swoon