Welcome to New York

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It’s a thing we do…

When we arrive in a new city, Jeff and I look at each other and say, ‘Do you want to walk to the such and such?’

The ‘such and such’ is usually a pat of town or a must-see attraction that happens to be a long walk away, but we don’t really realize just HOW far away it is because, well, we’re naive. So we always spend the first day walking all over a city instead of taking public transit, mostly because we’re JUST SO EXCITED.

We arrived in New York City yesterday, and this is Jeff’s first time here, so we got settled into our (seriously amazing) AirBnB in DUMBO, looked out the window at the Brooklyn Bridge below us and said, ‘Do you walk to walk across the bridge to Manhattan?’

Um, duh.

So we did. In fact, we walked all the way across the bridge to Chinatown for dumplings (yum!) and BACK. Ha! By the time we landed in bed last night, our feet were burning like hot coals, but our hearts were happy.

Welcome to New York, Youngrens. It’s going to be a great week.




In: Casa de Youngren
Tags: daily life, travel