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You really can’t get between a girl and her boots. I mean really. Kent and Jacqueline were at their favorite wine bar in Sun Valley, Idaho, one snowy December evening. It was their Christmas holiday with Kent’s family and friends, and they spent their days skiing the mountain, eating great food, and snuggling by the fire. Well, actually only Jacqueline went skiing all day. Kent on the other hand stayed behind at his family’s vacation home and built a very large snowman. Each day, a new piece of the snowman was added – first the base, then the torso, and then the head, which came all way up to eye level. This wasn’t going to be just any snowman. Ho no. Kent had to make this one extra special and extra big. On the final snowman building day while Jacqueline enjoyed the mountain, Kent put the finishing touches on his masterpiece – a hat, a scarf, some eyes and arms, and an enormous ring made of tin foil…

Back to the wine bar…

What does it take to get a girl to walk home from a warm evening of wine and friends, through the cold and through the snow in her brand new boots? Well, a lot of convincing as Kent found out. When he finally got the love of his life to walk, instead of driving, back home with him carefully through the mud and the slush, it didn’t take long for Jacqueline to notice that “someone” had finished his snowman for him and that it was rockin’ a whole lotta bling. And when she turned around, the love her life was down on one knee, in the snow and the cold and the slush, and this time, there was no convincing necessary for her to say yes.

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I think it might be illegal to have as much fun on an engagement session as we did with Kent and Jacqueline! We met up with them in the neighborhood where Kent grew up in Newport Beach, and there was no shortage of cuteness, heels, an adorable puppy dog, yummy champagne, heels, beautiful sunlight, belly aching laughs and even more rockin’ heels. We started at his parent’s house and brought along Shady, the cutest and sweetest puppy dog in all of Newport Beach.

Gorgeous smiles + Shady + some amazing heels + anything to do with Kent and Jacqueline = love, love, love.

Jacqueline, you’re absolutely fabulous!

And Kent, you’re not too shabby either. 🙂 Not too shabby at all…

The first time Kent and Jacqueline kissed, they hid behind the huge hat she was wearing at a get-together. I LOVE when our couples get creative and bring such cute and meaningful props!

I loved the little kisses!

Shady…you are the best!

I love a girl with the guts to work it. And Jacqueline definitely knows how to work it!

Their house was gorgeous, so there was no shortage of cute and cuddly nooks and crannies.

LOVE this set!

The entire neighborhood was beautiful, so we took a little walk around. These next two are in the running for favorites.

I love Jacqueline’s beautiful eyes…

And her sense of humor!

Love, love, love! Kent is lookin’ good!

Ha! Shady just had to get in a few more pictures. How cute are these??

We headed up to a park that Shady loves to run around in.

And we found the perfect bench for some snuggly and kissy time…

We’re not even close to being done with Kent and Jacqueline’s Newport Beach engagement session – we’ve tons more goodness! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s feature when we grab some champagne and head down to the boats! See you then!



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