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Now that you’re engaged, is your family pulling out all of those black and white photos of your grandparents and opening up their wedding albums to share stories about their special days?

A few decades from now, when your kids or nieces and nephews get engaged themselves, you’ll do the same, too. You’ll retrieve your grandparents black and white prints and your parent’s wedding albums to relive those stories again.

But you’ll also pull out your own wedding album, too, and you’ll find yourself laughing and crying just as much as your parents did when you got married.

Because you don’t invest in a wedding album for today. You invest in a wedding album for all of your tomorrows.

Technology changes rapidly, but your memories are timeless. 

Jeff and I believe – without a doubt – that our images look their very best when printed in the pages of a wedding album, not because you can immediately enjoy and share the images with those you love – that is the amazing purpose of web media.

Instead, we believe our images look their very best in print because, unlike web media, albums are built to last.

For generations. 


With this generational purpose in mind, we keep our albums STRONG and SIMPLE.

All of our albums are built by hand by expert craftsman in Indiana with only the most durable materials available (we’ve seen them do their work in person – they’re unbelievably talented).

These are Flushmount albums, which means that your wedding images will be printed directly onto the album pages – the images can bleed off of the edge of the page and go straight across the center seam with no gap in the middle. The pages are thick and hard, so these are substantial books that are built with the latest in book binding technology.


We believe in simplicity, so there’s absolutely nothing trendy about these albums. There’s nothing you could do to your album that you will regret in five years (except for maybe Uncle Elliott’s dance moves at the reception…). You will pick out your size, your paper, and your cover color. That’s it!

Our albums come in two different sizes – 10×10 or 12×12 – and you can choose two different types of paper on the inside – Standard Paper or Artisan Paper.

You will begin with our 10×10 Standard Album, and then upgrade your options from there.

The Size

The 10×10 – You will begin with our 10×10 size which is a really approachable size for an album. Our couples find that the 10×10 feels like the kind of album you would want to pick up off your coffee table and look through often because it isn’t too big or overwhelming.

The 12×12 – You can choose to upgrade your album to the bigger 12×12 size if you wish, and our couples that do this LOVE the bigger images on the inside of the album. The book opens up into a full 12×24 print, which means that we can do a really big beautiful design on the inside that truly shows off your images!

Here is a 10×10 covered in ‘Sunflower’ and a 12×12 shown in ‘Tiffany’.

005 006

The Paper : Standard vs Artisan

The Standard Paper: Your album will begin with our Standard paper, which is a classic Lustre paper. This paper is straightforward and traditional – any professional print you’ve seen has most likely been printed on a Lustre paper, and it will give your images a crisp, bright, true-to-life feel, so this is particularly perfect for colorful or vibrant weddings. 

Here is a 12×12 Standard Album covered in ‘Tiffany.’ (I just love the big 12×12 size with the bright paper! So lovely!)

009 008010

The Artisan Paper: Our fine art option, this is simply the most breathtaking paper we’ve ever come across!

This is Fuji’s stunning Deep Matte photographic paper, a highly sought-after fine art paper in the photography world. This paper will give your images a silky, muted look that harkens back to mid-century elegance, so this is perfect for classic black-tie weddings that incorporate a sophisticated-yet-romantic feel into the design of their day. Plus, these albums truly feature our medium format film work perfectly!

These are some of the few albums that are being produced with this Deep Matte paper, so they are truly one of a kind! Here is a 12×12 Artisan Album covered in ‘Crema’.

011 013 014 015 016

The Cover

We have so many leather and linen colors for you to choose from, that you will be able to match a classic color with your particular day no problem!

Once you’ve approved your design and we’re ready to order, we’ll help you pick out the perfect color!

007 022
The Parent Album

Our most popular add-on with our photography collections is our parent albums. These are duplicates of the main album – same paper as the main album (Standard or Artisan) with the same design and images on the inside – it’s just a smaller book for your parents to have.

Our parent albums begin at 8×8, but many of our parents upgrade to a 10×10 so they can have bigger images on the inside. We can also do custom designs for parents, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Here is an 8×8 Standard Parent Album in ‘Chocolate’.

017 018 021

The Final Touch

I love that all of our albums come with a soft linen dustcover inside a durable presentation box. That way you can store your album safely, or have it out on your coffee table without damaging it.

The linen is simply gorgeous and will compliment any cute decor!


We can produce an album for any of our couples or parents at any time – even if we’ve already photographed your wedding! Feel free to contact me here if you’d like to order your own!



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