The #1 Way to Attract Your Dreamies Online

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Jeff and I were meeting with a Dreamie couple last year when the groom – who was looking through our sample album – pointed to my favorite black and white image and said:

“I love black and white photos. They feel so timeless and classic. Can we have a LOT of them for our wedding?”

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Here’s the secret to your Ideal Clients – the reason you love certain clients more than others isn’t because you happen to drive the same car or shop at the same stores or wear the same shoes.


The reason you love – DEEPLY LOVE – certain clients more than others is because you share the same values.


You both believe the same things are important in life.

What’s a Dreamie Moment?

A Dreamie Moment is when your client does something that makes you SWOON as a photographer.

It’s when you look at them and think to yourself, “This is what makes this client SO PERFECT FOR ME!!” You want to jump up and down with happiness and you would do anything for that couple because THEY’RE JUST SO AWESOME.


For us, a Dreamie Moment is when a couple understands – without us having to explain it or sell it – that a black and white image isn’t about the composition or the lighting.


It’s about picking up a wedding album 30 years from now, and remembering exactly how they felt when the image was taken.

For you, it might be when your client talks about how they vacation on Hawaii every year because the idea of ‘ohana’ is the most amazing thing… and then you show them the ohana tattoo that you have on your arm.

Or maybe your bride cracks a really inappropriate joke while she’s putting on her dress, and you die laughing with her.

Or maybe you find out they’re going to Harry Potter land for their honeymoon, and you reveal your secret Harry Potter collection…

Or it could be as simple as the groom carrying his grandfather’s pocket watch on the wedding day, and you wore your grandmother’s necklace on yours.

Share Your Dreamie Moments… with Your Dreamies!

So why do Dreamie Moments matter??

These are the moments that make us come alive as creatives. We feel understood, we feel excited, and we feel CONNECTED to our couples.

But the coolest thing is that potential couples can also have Dreamie Moments with YOU.

When they see the ohana tattoo on your arm, they will also swoon with excitement because they’ve found a photographer that gets them. That understands their hearts. That knows how to tell their story in a deeper way.


When a client experiences a Dreamie Moment with you, they will FEEL something about you – and those are the couples that become raving fans.


So in order to attract more Dreamies, you need to let the world know what matters to you. You need to share what makes you come alive, and the easiest way to do that is to tell stories about your Dreamie Moments.

Post about these Dreamie Moments on your blog, on your Instagram, and on Facebook. Share with the world what you love about your favorite clients and what you love about their specific weddings.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you share with the world what you love about your Dreamies, more Dreamies will come to you!” quote=”If you share with the world what you love about your Dreamies, more Dreamies will come to you!”]

Post a photo of the pocket watch that your groom carried on the wedding day and talk about why that connected with you.

Post a selfie of you and your bride on the wedding day and talk about how you can’t stop laughing together.

The more you share these stories, the more you’ll attract the kind of people that connect to those stories, too.

So what are YOUR Dreamie Moments? Hop into our FREE photographer only Facebook Group and tell us about a time when a couple made you SWOON!



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