Companies We Love

kissKISS Wedding Books is who we trust all our albums with for our clients. We’ve been using KISS for years and we absolutely love the quality of the books and their dedication to crafting the finest flush mount albums around! Their customer service is incredible and we just simply won’t order albums from anybody else. Plus, we love that every book is hand crafted by a skilled artisan right here in the USA!


shootproofShootproof is what we use to host, display, sell, and deliver all our client images, and they just released ShootProof V2. With V2, ShootProof makes your workflow even easier.  In addition to sharing and selling your photos through their beautiful galleries, now you can manage your contacts and send invoices to your clients directly through ShootProof.

Use the promo code YOUNGREN25 to get 25% off when purchasing a yearly plan!


taveAs huge believers in creating solid systems for our business, us + Tave is a match made in heaven. Tave manages our workflows, tracks our leads, bills our clients, and automates a huge amount of our standard client communications. The amount of flexibility that Tave offers as a Studio Management tool is unparalleled.

Use the referral code theyoungrens to get 20% off your monthly fees for the first year.


blogstompwideBlogStomp has made what used to take an hour per blog post take 10 minutes tops. We use BlogStomp to make collages for our blog, resize the images properly for our blog, stomp our watermark on the images, and then it even uploads the images to our blog. Yes, it is done via magic.



Imagely offers WordPress Hosting and Themes and is our latest OBSESSION and an absolute MUST-HAVE for any photographer who uses WordPress. Friends, these are THE WordPress people for photographers, and their customer service just blows us away. We’ve switched our site over to them (well, technically they switched it for us in a hands-off migration that saved us from any possible headaches) and we saw our site speed increase dramatically, which is KEY when dealing with consumers who aren’t very patient waiting for pages to load.

Check them out!



We use TextExpander to create quick use templates & snippets that we can use in any application (email, Facebook, web, etc). Things like quick instructions on how to get to our studio, quick inquiry responses, etc. It’s awesome!


Is the tool we use for team collaboration. It’s incredible at managing our tasks and team communication! SO GOOD!