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Creative Rising Episode 208


Mary Marantz has run a highly successful photography business for over a decade. In fact, it’s the kind of thriving business that most wedding photographers dream of having.

But she’s decided to leave photography success behind and follow a calling she’s had since she was five years old – write a book that will bring honor to where she’s from.

Betsy McCue ran a husband and wife wedding photography business for years, but when her husband suddenly passed away, she not only lost her life partner, she lost her business and her identity, too.

In this very special episode, I’m telling two stories of two incredible women who are starting over – either by choice or not.

One is a story of a writer with a calling, wrestling with her childhood while leaving a world of success behind for an entirely different world of being a newbie author.

The other is a story of a photographer moving forward after a tragic loss, rediscovering her creative self, and building an entirely new business from scratch.

Both are pictures of courage, strength, and wrestling with the hard parts of our stories.

In this Episode:

Check out Betsy McCue’s lifestyle documentary work at Betsy McCue Pictures.

Follow Mary Marantz’s story on her podcast The Mary Marantz Show.
(Her book “Dirt” is coming Fall 2020!)

Quick Guide:

  • (06:20) Betsy’s Journey After Loss
  • (19:17) Episode Sponsor: Think Tank Photo (THANK YOU!!)
  • (22:03) Mary’s Story of Starting Over
  • (38:25) When the Dream Gets Hard
  • (43:51) Owning Our Hard Stories
  • (1:05:23) Darkness in the Light



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