There are EXACTLY 62.5 Cracks in the Sidewalk

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I could tell you what any sidewalk looks like.

Paris. Singapore. Florence. San Diego.

They all have very different sidewalks.

I’ve studied them extensively, so I know this to be true. #nerdalert

At home in San Diego, I know every crack in the road in between our studio and our house, and I can tell you what the EXACT sidewalk is like from our studio to the deli down the street where I love to get sandwiches for lunch. (I get The Padre – roast beef BBQ on an onion roll. YUM.)

I know sidewalks. Because I look at them all the time.

I am one of those people that when I walk, I watch my feet. I stare down at the ground, and I step on every crack and leaf and bump in the sidewalk.

I love looking down, because for me, it’s a game.

I can walk along, be inside my own head, and challenge myself: How many leaves can I step on today? How many cracks can I avoid? Exactly how awesome can I be at this???

(Introvert much?)

But this also means that I tend to ignore all of the things above me.

The beautiful cityscapes, the neighborhoods, the sunshine, the blue sky, the trees, the clouds.

Sometimes, I completely miss all of it.

A few weeks ago, I was at the Creative at Heart Conference in Denver, and I heard Natalie Franke of The Rising Tide Society say:

“Instead of looking down to see how far we could fall, why don’t we look up to see how high we can fly?” – Natalie Franke, Rising Tide Society


'Instead of looking down to see how far we could fall, why don't we look up to see how high we can fly?' @risingtidesocClick To Tweet


When she said this, the sidewalk in between our studio and the deli popped into my head. (And I immediately started craving The Padre…)

In that moment, I realized that I knew more about the cracks in the sidewalk than I did about the trees along the street.

I know more about what is below me than what is above.

I know exactly how far I could fall in my business – how I could fall short of my goals, when I could make mistakes, why the whole thing could fail – but so many times I have no idea how high I can fly.

Because I don’t spend nearly enough time studying the view above me.

I operate in my business the same way I walk down the street – with my head down, studying the foundation below me, observing every crack and bump and fallen leaf.

And I forget to look up and study the possibilities. I forget that there is so much more space and breathing room in the world above.

Do I believe in building a solid foundation and watching out for the cracks and bumps and major mistakes in business?


Am I a systems girls?


Could I spend days and months and years perfecting my workflows and emails, tweaking the smallest cracks to make the best systems ever?

Oh yeah. Because that’s what I’ve spent the last ten years doing.

But am I spending so much time looking down at the cracks because I might be too scared to look up at the sky?

Ummmm… probably…

It can be scary to shift your attention to something new. To lift your chin and practice walking with your head held up – seeing the destinations that are ahead of you instead of looking at the next crack right in front of your feet.

My friends, we just had an amazing set of new students enroll in our master course, Discover Your Ideal Client, and I have been BLOWN AWAY by their progress, insights, discoveries, and excitement.

They have inspired me, because they are learning how to operate in the possibilities.

The possibility of building a dream business – one that they absolutely love and that is life-giving and joyful.

And I want to encourage you to join them in looking up, too. I want to teach you how to quickly build a solid foundation for your business so you don’t have to worry so much about tripping on the cracks below.

I want to give you the ability to focus on how high you can fly.

How am I going to teach you how to run a solid, life-giving business?

Well, I’m launching a podcast.

That’s right – I’m going to be pulling back the curtain on our studios and revealing everything I’ve learned about running a photography business over the past decade – the mistakes, the triumphs, and the surprisingly key things we did that brought us success.

Things that I look back on and say, “Wow! I really wish someone had told me that sooner!”

So I’ll be recording weekly in-depth trainings on how to run your business – everything from how to price your photography to turning your inquiries into bookings to writing an irresistible ‘About Me’ page to posing, lighting, and editing your images.

Stay tuned over the next few months for the first episodes!

In the meantime, if you aren’t a part of our Facebook community, then head on over and join us! I’ll be workshopping the podcast content with our community there first!

I am so excited and motivated to pass along to you – my TY Dreamie – all of the lessons that I’ve learned through the years, and to walk with you in this journey of learning just how high you can fly!



P.S. I’m a podcast junkie, and I just listened to this UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING interview with Simon Sinek on the EntreLeadership Podcast.

Listen to it NOW. And then listen, read, and download everything you can by Simon Sinek. He’s a leader that totally gets it right!

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