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Thanks for being a subscriber! Below you’ll find links to previous subscriber-only content that you now get access to, as well as discounts that we’ve cooked up just for you with some of our favorite companies. Remember, these are for subscribers only, so please don’t share these.

Lightroom 4 – How We Edit our Images

Password : theyoungrensedit

Lightroom 3 – How We Edit our Images

Password : theyoungrensedit

ProPhoto Blog – Save $10

Enter the code “THEYOUNGRENS” at checkout to save $10. For more information on how we’ve setup & customized ProPhoto to run all our sites, click here.

Drobo Promo Code – Save Various Amounts

Enter the code “THEYOUNGRENS” at checkout to save on a new Drobo

$150 off Drobo (4-bay DAS – USB 2.0, FW800)
$200 off Drobo FS (5-bay NAS – Gig E)
$200 off Drobo S (5-bay DAS – USB3.0, eSATA, FW800)
$300 off DroboPro (8-bay DAS – iSCSI, FW800, USB 2.0)
$500 off Drobo B800fs (8-bay NAS – Gig E)
$500 off Drobo B800i (8-bay SAN – iSCSI)

ThinkTank Promo Code – Get Free Stuff

Use this link to make purchases on ThinkTank’s website, and depending on what you purchase, they’ll give you different options at checkout for free accessories (memory card holder, lens cases, etc). We SWEAR by our ThinkTank Airport Security rolling bag – that thing has been around the world with us and has stood up to some serious usage and it still looks new!

Backblaze Online Backup – Affiliate Link

We use BackBlaze Online Backup as an integral player in our Digital Asset Management Strategy (which you can read all about here). Use this link to sign up for the $5/month service and we’ll get enough money over the course of a year to buy a beer 🙂 So cheers! We’re working on getting you guys a discount but for now they don’t really do that.

Please note that sometimes on this blog we include affiliate links to products that we talk about, which usually means we get a few bucks if you read about something here and decide to make a purchase. Affiliate programs in no way influence if / when we talk about different products or vendors – we ONLY talk about things we actually use, and stand behind completely. If you’ve got any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us.