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Our set of 42 wedding photography email templates tell you exactly what to say (and when) during the entire client experience to book your dream clients, delight your couples, and generate bigger sales.

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The Complete Email Template Collection

It’s no secret – happy couples buy more and refer often. But when I was drowning in an overflowing email inbox because I was writing the same emails over and over again, I responded slowly, left too many couples unhappy, and my business suffered.

Once I created our photography email templates, I began serving my Dreamies with a knock-their-socks-off wedding photography experience every single time. Client problems dropped dramatically, recurring questions went away, and invoices got paid on time, every time. (Win win win!)

What did I do with all that extra margin? I leveled up our brand, raised our prices, and start booking bigger packages with clients we adored.

Ready to Delight Your Clients?

Tell me if this sounds all too familiar…

When it comes to your client communications

  1. You’ve spent entire days doing nothing but writing emails. With so many emails to answer, where is the time to work ON your business?
  2. You respond to every wedding photography inquiry differently, so you don’t *really* know what’s working and what’s not.
  3. You’re spending valuable time answering the same questions from your wedding couples over and over again. You’ve got to figure out a way to educate them better.
  4. You know you should create and use email templates but you just can’t find the time to do it all from scratch. You have so many other priorities on your to-do list.
  5. You’ve bought email templates for photographers before but they either don’t sound like you or didn’t include very many useful templates to begin with.

If that’s you, I gotchu boo.

"I'm amazed by these templates!"

“I am booking the right clients more than ever since I implemented your email templates! I’m AMAZED by the immediate effect your emails had on my business – because of these templates, I’m feeling more confident with new potential clients. I’m so booked up that I’m having to turn jobs down!”


Yes, you know you should use email templates…

…but you’re also busy building a business.

I get it. You’ve got an endless to-do list of priorities to build a business that serves your life – instead of taking over your life.

Writing email templates from scratch takes a lot of time (believe me, ours weren’t written in a single sitting).

So let me take “writing wedding photography email templates” off your plate so you can get back to what you love – serving and photographing your dream clients.


The Complete Email Template Collection by The Youngrens

Our complete set of 42 done-for-you wedding photography email templates – from inquiry to delivery – that will book your dream clients, educate your couples, and save you hours of time each and every day.  

What’s Included

Our complete set of 42 photographer email templates includes:

Respond quickly

Inquiry Responses

Multiple pre-written inquiry responses for weddings AND engagements so you can reply to potential brides FAST

Educate Your Clients

Wedding Preparation

Emails to walk your couples through every step of the wedding (and engagement!) process – so you can answer their questions before they are even asked.
Albums Made Easy

Album Templates

You’ll receive all of our album design emails that walk our couples through our simple and clear album design process.

On the Fence?

Try our Top 3
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We’re so confident that you’ll love the templates we’ve put together and appreciate them in your business, we’ll give you our top 3 templates for free. 

What’s different?

Erin, I know I need to use email templates, but what makes yours different?

Fair question. And as a wedding photographer for the past 15 years, running a multiple-brand studio that generates over half a million in revenue… I’ve often been skeptical of offers that sound too good to be true. 

And while our email templates for photographers aren’t perfect, we’ve gotten them pretty darn close. 

How do I know?

We use them every single day in our own business.

They’ve been tested and perfected on over 500 weddings in our studio, and are written in a friendly yet professional voice that can be used as-is, or tweaked to fit your unique personality and dream clients.

Plus, we include ‘Insider Tips’ throughout the collection on how to use the templates, why we do things the way we do, and how to delight your couples. (Can you say bonus??)

The full list

Here’s the complete list of ALL the fully-customizable templates you’ll receive. 


1. Thanks for Getting in Touch! (Automated Response)
2. Here’s My Wedding Pricing, Let’s Chat!
3. Life is Busy, Just Checking In 🙂
4. I’m Still Available, You Still Interested?
5. Sorry! I’m Unavailable 🙁
6. Engagement Inquiry


1. Here’s Your Proposal, Sign Here!
2. Proposal Follow-Up: Let’s Get your Wedding Booked!
3. You’ve Booked: Here’s Your Client Portal
4. You’ve Booked: What’s Next?
5. Here’s Your Photography Questionnaires
6. Questionnaire Reminder
7. Sending Schedule to Coordinator, Please Review
8. Here’s Your Photo Schedule & Family Portraits, Please Review
9. Tips to Make Your Wedding Photos Fabulous
10. Invoice Reminder: Due Date is Coming Up
11. Invoice Reminder: Balance is Due
12. Invoice Reminder: Balance is Overdue
13. Here’s Your FINAL Photo Schedule & Family Portraits, Please Confirm
14. Confirming Details with Your Second Shooter
15. Surprise! Here’s Some Sneak Peeks!
16. Sending Sneak Peeks to Vendors
17. Your Wedding is on the Blog!
18. Our Couple’s Wedding is on the Blog! (For Vendors)
19. Your Wedding Gallery is Ready
20. Your Vendor Gallery is Ready
21. Your Wedding is Being Featured!
22. Our Couple’s Wedding is Featured! (For Vendors)


1. Engagement Session Tips: How to Look Fabulous
2. Confirming Session Details: You Ready for this Magic?
3. Your Engagement Session is on the Blog!
4. Your Engagement Gallery is Ready


1. You’ve Bought an Album, Here’s the Process
2. Your Album Design is Ready to View
3. Thanks! I’ve Received Your First Round of Changes
4. Your First Round of Changes are Ready!
5. Approved! No Second Round: Here’s What’s Next
6. Thanks! I’ve Received Your Second Round of Changes
7. Changes Complete: Design is Ready for Approval
8. Album Has Entered Production, It’ll Be Here Soon!
9. Album Has Arrived (Pick-Up)
10. Album Has Arrived (Shipping to Client)

Did I mention…

Free lifetime updates!

Like I said – we use, test, and tweak these emails on a regular basis in our business. When we discover a new phrase that totally works or improve a template to better serve our clients, you’ll receive the update, too!

On the fence?
How about a guarantee?

We understand that you’re buying a digital product without seeing the full content first, which is why we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase this product and don’t like it for any reason, we’ll give you a 100% refund within 30 days.

Are we crazy? Maybe. But we know you’re simply going to love these templates!

About Us

We're Jeff & Erin

We’re Jeff and Erin Youngren, and we believe running a business should be life-giving (not soul-sucking). So we’re passionate about teaching other photographers to run life-giving businesses and book clients they absolutely love.  

For 15 years, we’ve photographed weddings all over the world as a hubby & wifey team, but we’ve also grown a multi-brand photography studio in San Diego, CA.