Free Online Class

3 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Overwhelm, Get Clarity During Chaos, and Get Your Business Back on Track During COVID-19

with Erin Youngren

Free Online Class

3 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Overwhelm, Get Clarity During Chaos, and Get Your Business Back on Track During COVID-19

with Erin Youngren
What’s Inside?

In this training, you’ll discover…



Erin will walk you through 3 powerful tools you can use to prioritize your time, so you’ll know exactly what to work on next to move your wedding photography business forward, even when everything around you feels like chaos.



Erin will unpack the 5 minute routine you can use today to easily map out your week with a sustainable work schedule that you’ll love so much you can’t wait to sit down to work everyday… even if you’re a free spirit photographer that cringes at the thought of structure!



Built specifically for wedding photographers, this time management system will skyrocket your productivity, eliminate overwhelm, and launch you towards accomplishing your biggest goals. Yes, even during a global pandemic that’s erased your client work!



Wanna know the 2 biggest myths every wedding photographer tells themself that holds them back from creating the business they want? (Pssst… they’re not what you think they are…)

What people are saying about the training…

I’ve got clear goals and CONFIDENCE moving forward

“Before, I was unfocused, disorganized, and had no clear direction, which left me frustrated and unmotivated. But now, I am the CEO of my business, with clear goals and confidence moving forward. I finally have the peace to close my laptop at the end of the day, knowing that I don’t need to worry about my business and the direction it’s moving.”

Nicole L Lashar
Nicole Leanne Photography
We talked about goals, but had no framework…until now

“We’re a married photography team that was flying by the seat of our pants, letting our business run our lives while we chased around a one year old. We’d work into the night to get it all done, but were left feeling totally frustrated and spent. We had talked about goals and ideas for the future, but had no real framework (or energy) to make it happen.

But now, we’ve gained the clarity and knowledge we need to run a successful business, a desire to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and a HOPE for a bigger, more fulfilling future!”

Courtney Julien
Julien Photography

This Free Class is a MUST ATTEND if…

→ You’re feeling totally stuck during COVID.

You have no idea which millions of things to tackle first on your to-do list. You’ve been sitting down at your computer every day for months, picking and choosing random tasks that you *think* might be important (or just easy to check off) but barely completing the stuff needed to get by.

→ Prioritizing your to-do list feels impossible

You’re a go-getting achiever, but you have no idea how to split your time between important tasks or prioritize which projects will actually make a difference to your bottom line. You’re spending more time maintaining the business than actually pushing it forward, and it’s driving you nuts!

→ You have tons of big ideas… but plans? Eh, not so much.

You have a laundry list of exciting ideas and new strategies circulating around your head that you want to do with your business, but you can never find the time to complete them. Where do you start??

Okay Erin, how do you know me so well? 

Who is Erin Youngren?

*ahem* Let me introduce myself…

I’m Erin Youngren, one half of the luxury husband and wife wedding photography team known as The Youngrens. For 14 years, my husband, Jeff, and I have traveled the world photographing beautiful weddings for couples we love plus educated other photographers on how to take their businesses from survival mode to thriving mode.

But that’s not all we do…

We also own and manage two other photography brands plus a full time staff and team of photographers that operate out of our commercial studio (Skylight Studios) here in San Diego, CA.

Oh? And did I mention I’m a mama of a two-year-old that only works two days a week??

If anyone has an excuse to be overwhelmed, it’s us.

But Jeff and I (and our entire team) use this same time management system I’m teaching in this free training to grow our brands, deliver our podcast (Creative Rising), serve our clients, invest in our students, and achieve our goals.

Without this system, yes, we would absolutely be drowning, especially during COVID.

But I’ve learned how to use this system to my advantage, rise above the chaos, operate with clarity (instead of reacting in overwhelm), and push towards our most important goals. Yes, even in 2020.

Will you join me to learn how to level up your own habits?

(I mean, the training is free… you’ve got nothing to lose!)