After 2020, running a wedding photography business will never be the same again.

You’ve been told you need to use this year to work ON your business and get it ready for when the world ‘reopens’ and weddings resume.

The only problem is that between the chaos of the world and the confusion in your business, you have no idea where to start, what part of your mile-long to-do list to tackle, and what ideas and plans will actually make a difference to your business (and your bank account) with an economy that’s changing by the week.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What date does the program start?

Week One begins when the first set of lessons are dropped into your student portal on Monday, August 10, 2020. The program will continue for the next eight weeks, ending on October 2, 2020.

When do those fabulous Group Coaching Calls take place?

There are TWO Zoom calls every week of the program, one of which is optional:

Group Coaching Call: Wednesdays, 9:00am-10:00am PT on Zoom

Q&A Office Hours: Thursdays, 12:30pm-1:30pm PT on Zoom (Optional)

That Coaching Membership sounds AMAZING!! But I can’t make every group call... Are they required?

None of the group calls are absolutely required, but the Wednesday group call is strongly encouraged that you attend every single one. In order for you to get the most out of your coaching membership, there will be important content and skills you’ll learn on those calls, plus the group holds each other accountable throughout the program.

If you have prior meetings, travel, shoots or engagement that will prevent you from attending one or two Wednesday calls, that’s totally fine. But we encourage you to arrange your schedule so you’re able to consistently attend whenever possible. 

The Thursday Q&A Office Hours are totally optional and you don’t have to show up on time or be there the entire hour. Just pop in, ask a question, then pop out!

Are the group calls recorded? They sound SO fabulous I’ll want to review them again!

Yes but… they will become available at the end of the eight week program. This is to encourage you to show up live to every single Wednesday call.

The Wednesday Group Coaching Calls are only valuable when the community is present. They’re not passive calls where you’ll sit and listen, but are full of active participation where you’ll contribute to the group. You’ll invest in everyone else, and everyone else will invest in you! That’s part of what makes this program so powerful!

Will I have access to the lessons after the eight weeks?

Absolutely! The Thrive System is meant to serve you for the lifetime of your business, so even though you’ll initially receive the lessons week by week, once they’re in your members’ portal, you’ll have lifetime access to revisit the videos whenever you’d like!

I’m just starting out (or I’ve been doing this for 20 years). Is this program right for me?

This course is so fundamental to running a photography business that we’ve had photographers from all stages of business – from year one to year twenty – experience dramatic transformation. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a married team, or have a team of associates, we address all of those scenarios throughout the program. 

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in or how many years you’ve been doing this (or not doing this), the Thrive System will serve you exactly where you’re at.

I’m not a wedding photographer - I photograph portraits or I’m a wedding professional. Will this still work for me?

The honest answer?? I don’t know yet! (If you don’t know this about me, I’ll ALWAYS be honest with you.)

This course is created specifically for wedding photographers and I’ve only had wedding photographers as students. There is a LOT of content in the program that does apply directly to wedding industry professionals and can be applied to portrait photographers, but there are also weeks that will be tough to adapt to your situation (such as pricing and the Scorecard).

Since I haven’t had students other than wedding photographers, I have no proof or evidence if this will work for you or not. My hunch is that it will, but you’ll have to adapt the content to your specific situation. 

However, I do know that if you’re NOT a wedding industry professional or if you’re a different type of photographer other than weddings & portraits (commercial, fine art, landscape, sports, etc) this program is not the right fit for you. 

Start the Transformation TODAY…

Most coaching or accountability programs of this kind typically begin at $2,000 or more. But because of the current COVID circumstances that have totally shutdown our industry, we are keeping this program priced much lower than its actually worth.

We don’t want to see photographers shutting their doors or scraping through survival mode because of a pandemic that’s out of our control.

Instead, we want to see our fellow creatives rise to the occasion, level up how you operate, and become an industry of THRIVING artists.

That’s why you can get your hands on this transformation today…

…for just $74!