After 2020, running a wedding photography business will never be the same again.

You’ve been told you need to use this year to work ON your business and get it ready for when the world ‘reopens’ and weddings resume.

The only problem is that between the chaos of the world and the confusion in your business, you have no idea where to start, what part of your mile-long to-do list to tackle, and what ideas and plans will actually make a difference to your business (and your bank account) with an economy that’s changing by the week.

It’s time to do more than just merely survive.

What if you could rise above the chaos, ditch the overwhelm, and get clarity in all areas of your business with a system that always works… regardless of global pandemics?

Because here’s the thing… 

If the world isn’t going to be the same, it means your business cannot be the same.

Which also means YOU cannot be the same.

If you’ve been sitting down at your computer every day for months, picking and choosing random tasks that you *think* might be important (or just easy to check off) and barely completing the stuff needed to get by, you’re not alone. What the wedding industry is experiencing right now is HARD.

But if you’re longing for things to go back to normal (I’m right there with you!), you need to know that there will be no ‘normal’ to go back to.

The businesses that will thrive in 2021 are the ones that understand that a new reality is here… and are preparing to step into it.

And here’s another thing…

You may have already been overwhelmed before COVID hit the world.


  • You’ve never had any real systems in place, and have always been flying by the seat of your pants to get anything done.
  • You’ve always felt like you’re kind of just floating… working on what feels important but not actually headed in any real direction.
  • You’ve never had any idea how to take the lead in your business. You feel like it’s always been pulling you instead.

Or maybe you weren’t overwhelmed before COVID.

In fact, 2020 was supposed to be YOUR year.

You thought…

  • Your big goals were finally gonna happen, but what do you do with those big goals now? You have no framework for how to pivot or adapt (especially when no one knows what’s going to happen next).
  • You were going to leave your day job and run your photography business full time. But now? How do you keep track of your financial goals without just guessing at everything?
  • You were going to launch your business for the first time in 2020. But how do you do that when no weddings are even happening?

 I mean, does any of this hit home?

We had so many non-systems that were all broken and not working. Our email templates were not good, nor were our responses back from couples. Our lead capture to conversion rate was not great, and we were just struggling to figure out how to make it all work for us, instead of against us.

- A Thrive Graduate

I was unfocused, disorganized, and had no clear direction which caused a lack of motivation and confusion. I was looking for direction on how to manage my business, keep track of my finances, and have a clear focus on my brand and marketing strategy. I know, a lot of problems!

- Another Amazing Thrive Graduate

As a solopreneur, I had too many tasks and was wearing too many hats. Simply, I was overwhelmed, which caused me to doubt my ability as a business owner and artist.

- You guessed it... a Thrive Graduate!

If any of that resonated with you,

what you DON’T need is:

Another go-at-your-own-pace course from an educator that only teaches the uber-specific strategies that happened to work for THEM… but won’t actually work for your unique personality, market, and ideal clients. (Toss it in the pile of unwatched courses…)

One more person talking AT you, telling you WHAT to do and never showing you HOW to actually do it IRL (in real life, yo).

More inquiries and more bookings. Trust me here. Don’t flood your disorganized business with an overload of clients you can’t handle. Inquiries may feel (really) good, but losing your future business because you were too overwhelmed to serve your current clients isn’t worth it. (I see this happen all. the. time.)

what you ACTUALLY need is:


You may cringe at the thought of creating any sort of boring routine (you artist, you!), but unless you create a game plan for your days and weeks, you’ll sit on that hamster wheel of chaos forever. (How’s that been working out for ya?)



Until you know that you’re going to New York, you won’t go anywhere. In other words, you can’t move your business forward unless you know where you’re going with it. Without a clear vision, you’ll stay right where you are. (And I’m guessing you don’t want that.)



Overwhelm is caused by a lack of focus – which is caused by confusion. That dark corner of chaos in your business that you’re too exhausted to deal with? Let’s finally shine a big ‘ole light in there and clean it up. That heavy burden you’re carrying right now? It’s gonna lighten every time we create clarity in a new area of your business. (I promise.)



When you’re a solopreneur, it’s incredibly difficult to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals (yes, even you, Ms. Type-A!). But without a team to hold you accountable, what do you do? You need a simple and sustainable system that keeps a solopreneur accountable – every day, every week, every year – to achieving your biggest goals ever. (Heck yes!)

I know, I know… achieving all of those things is so much easier said than done.

(If it were simple, everyone would have the amazing business of their dreams.)

Which is why you are not a bad person for not having structure, vision, clarity, and accountability in your business already.

I believe you are smart, you are capable, and you are incredibly strong. You HAVE to be in order to run any kind of photography business.

There just hasn’t been a successful framework that works specifically for wedding photographers (like you) to help you get the critical structure and accountability you need to achieve your biggest goals and create a life-giving business that serves your life… instead of a soul-sucking business that takes over your life.

That is… until now.


An eight-week business program for wedding photographers that lifts your business from survival mode to thriving mode (yes, even in 2020).

You won’t just stick this course in another digital junk drawer. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll actually get the work done, build a sustainable framework of habits and systems, and change yourself and your business… forever.

If you’re a sucker for actionable, step-by-step education that teaches you HOW to do the work, then you’ll love that by the end of eight weeks you’ll…

No. 1
Never wonder what tasks or projects you should work on again. Using a combination of our weekly time management system plus a goal-tracking Quarterly Rhythm, you’ll have a concrete system for determining your most important to-dos to move the needle in your business and achieve your goals. (And boy, will you move that needle!)

No. 2
Eliminate overwhelm and confusion wherever it exists in your business. Together, we’ll dig into your systems, do the work to create sustainable workflows, and you’ll walk away with a powerful method for solving the toughest issues in your business long after the program ends.

No. 3
Know the health of your business at all times by tracking your most important numbers using our custom Scorecard built specifically for wedding photographers. You’ll also walk away with brand new pricing (that’s actually profitable), plus a game plan to achieve your revenue and income goals every single year.

Thrive Graduates, in their own words…

I’ve taken a LOT of business courses.

“Name someone in the online business space, and I’ve taken their course! But the Thrive Business Intensive is THE BEST business course I’ve ever taken. I finally have direction and clarity in my business. I have a game plan and know exactly how to achieve my goals – no more excuses!”

Cassie Torres
Beet & Blossom Photo Co.

These are business skills that 99% of your competitors are lacking.

“You’ll learn how to stop getting aimlessly yanked around by your to-do list and you’ll learn how to finally breathe, strategize, and build the business you truly want.”

Dylan & Sandra Martin
Dylan & Sandra Photography

So how does TBI work?

Eight Week Program (We Focus on Action)

This program takes place over the course of eight weeks, and each week, we’ll deep-dive into a different component of your business. You’ll receive each week’s lessons on Monday morning, and you’ll spend that week actively creating clarity, eliminating confusion, and leveling up everything you do in that area of your business as we go. By the end of eight weeks, you’ll literally have a business that is completely transformed from the inside out (and you’ll be transformed along with it).


Weekly Homework (Get. It. Done.)

Do you tend to leave a sea of unfinished projects in your wake? Not anymore. Every week, you’ll have a specific homework project that will directly impact the health of your business… and you’ll complete it and turn it in by Friday. Say goodbye to half-done projects. Say helloooo to productivity!

(Pssst: Coaching Members receive feedback on their homework directly from Erin herself!)


Thrive Workbook (The Tools)

You’ll receive a 70-page workbook that includes all of the custom tools and guides you need to implement the complete Thrive System, both during the program AND long after the program is over. After all, this program is only successful if you are successful long term, and the tools in this workbook are key to that success!


Thrive System (The Way)

We’ve all done it. We set goals in January, we work hard on them until March, and then we lose focus, lose momentum, or simply get busy with weddings. By December, we’re setting the same exact goals for the next year. Now, you get to break out of the Groundhog-Day-cycle, and learn a simple Quarterly Rhythm to stay on track with your biggest goals throughout the entire year. By December, you will have accomplished 12-20 big initiatives that will have moved your business forward in ways you’ve only imagined were possible.


Exclusive Thrive Community (NOT on Facebook!)

In the span of just two short months, you’ll be learning a brand new operating system (i.e., the Thrive System), so you’ll need support from other members and graduates who have mastered the process. Our Thrive community is not just another Facebook group. In fact, it’s not on Facebook at all! It’s on Mighty Networks, a powerful community platform where our Thrive Members ask questions, support each other, and cheer each other on. We want to get you away from the distractions of Facebook and into a community that supports and engages with each other!


Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every week, you will join Jeff and Erin face-to-face on Zoom. Ask Jeff and Erin questions, pick their brains, and get valuable feedback on your business. There’s not just one but TWO one-hour calls every week – Wednesdays at 9am PT (required) & Thursdays at 12:30pm PT (optional). These group coaching calls alone are worth thousands of dollars!

Soooo… what’s inside the eight weeks?

Week One: CEO

Fly by the seat of your pants?? Pshah. Not anymore for this CEO. During CEO Week, you’ll step into the driver’s seat of your business, level up your identity and take back control of your time by creating a weekly schedule using our time management system. You’ll work in this system for the duration of the program to build healthy new habits and experience the game-changing results of using a disciplined yet flexible-enough-for-an-artist weekly routine.

From now on, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing every time you sit down to work, and close your laptop at the end of the day with peace and clarity, knowing that everything that needs to get done is actually getting done.

Week Two: Vision

Ever find yourself in the exact same place facing the exact same issues year after year? During week two, you’ll ditch that exhausting and demoralizing hamster wheel by creating a powerful Five-Year Vision for your business using our Vision Tracker customized specifically for a wedding photographer like you.

You’ll get clear on your brand promise, identify your dream clients, discover your unique value proposition, and set powerful one year goals to drive your business forward. Everything you do in your business will finally have focus and purpose – to bring into reality the business of your dreams.

Week Three: Data

No longer will you get to the END of the year to find out how much money you made (or didn’t make – yikes). Now, you’ll know at a moment’s notice how much revenue you’re on track to bring in at any given time of year… and be able to take action well ahead of time to bring in more (before it’s too late). During week three, you’ll shine a light on your numbers and start tracking the five critical metrics that measure the health of your business using our custom Scorecard that we’ve created specifically for wedding photographers.

Week Four: Profitability

Are you actually making money on your wedding packages? The cold hard truth is that most wedding photographers are losing money on most of their packages, or making far too little for how hard they work. During Week Four, you’ll update, revise, or (in most cases) completely overhaul your pricing so that you don’t spend years spinning your wheels with pricing that’s shooting your business in the foot instead of supporting a life you love.

Week Five: Growth

How do you build a business that’s efficient, life-giving, and sustainable for more than just a hot second (i.e., a few years)? You prepare it for growth. This week covers the ins and outs of how to create an associate program and how to hire independent contractors, VAs, and employees. (Pssst: Every second shooter you hire is an independent contractor. Do you have the right paperwork and agreements in place?) Even if you never plan on hiring a team (ever), this week will teach you how to organize a business for growth, why that matters more than you think, and how to hire second shooters… legally.

Week Six: Client Experience

You know what creates raving Dreamie fans that shout your name to all of their Dreamie friends?? Systems and workflows. Your workflows are how you create your signature remarkable experience for every single client, so if your workflows aren’t working, neither will your business. During week six, you’ll create a signature wedding experience for your clients that will not only knock their socks off, but will feel like auto-pilot for you.

Week Seven: Marketing

We’re bombarded with shiny new marketing tactics every single day, but how do you avoid shiny-object-syndrome and, as CEO, decide what actually works for your business? In week seven, you’ll create a sustainable system for your social media and develop a custom-to-you Marketing Action Plan that will give you clarity and purpose in your marketing strategy. Time to say goodbye to shiny objects and say hellooo to a focused strategy to attract your Dreamies!

Week Eight: Launch

Now that you’ve eliminated confusion and created clarity in every area of your business, how do you keep the momentum going to achieve your goals long after the program is over? In week eight, you’ll learn how to set goals on an ongoing basis and implement a weekly and quarterly system to stay on track with them year after year, week after week. No more fizzling out on your goals after a few weeks or getting distracted by new ideas. After week eight, you’ll be a laser-focused CEO building a business you love!

I’m so in! When do these Eight Weeks start??

  • Week One begins on Monday, August 10, 2020.
  • Weekly video lessons will be delivered every Monday morning for eight weeks in your online member portal.
  • You’ll watch the lessons on your own throughout the week. Homework is due every Friday by the end of day.
  • A Group Coaching Call will take place every Wednesday from 9-10am PT on Zoom. Ask questions, get feedback on your business, and get weekly support from Jeff and Erin. (For Coaching Members only! Wanna become one?? Read on!)
  • An optional Q&A Office Hour will be every Thursday from 12:30-1:30pm PT on Zoom. Pop in any time during that hour to ask a question… then pop out! (For Coaching Members, too! You get allll the good stuff!)
  • Receive weekly feedback on your homework directly from Erin by the following Friday so you can track your progress and feel confident in the business you’re building.
And did someone say BONUSES???

When you start rockin’ your shiny new weekly work schedule during this program, these Deep Dive lessons will take your productivity (and your giddy-CEO-joy) to the next level!


How I Tame My To-Do List, Track My Tasks, and Get Everything Done

Get an exclusive peek into the exact weekly schedule that I use to get everything done across our three brands (yep, I said THREE). Watch me map out my entire week, communicate with my team, and keep my focus on a daily basis using Asana. Oh and did I mention… I’m a toddler mama that only works part time??



5 Secrets for Taming Your Inbox, Staying Focused on Social Media, and Maximizing Your Flow Time Tasks

Flow time is when you do all of those urgent and necessary tasks that are the biggest time-stealers in your biz – like email and social media. Learn how to tame those tasks and keep your focus when they’re 100% designed to distract you.



How to Create a Powerful Morning Routine to Fuel Your CEO Mind

When was the last time you fueled yourself FIRST at the beginning of the day – instead of fueling yourself LAST with Netflix and wine? Learn how to create an intentional and life-giving morning routine that will get you inspired to tackle your work, instead of exhausted before you even begin.

But don’t take MY word for it.

Here’s what Kathryn has to say about TBI:

When the global pandemic stripped away my client work, I was feeling reactive and hopeless. I thought I was still being productive because I was working hard and hustling – but I wasn’t paying attention to the right things – and I was feeling totally overwhelmed.

Now, I have a PLAN that is sustainable, intentional, and beneficial both to my success as a business and in the QUALITY of my personal life outside of my business.

I just wish that I could have invested in this course FIRST when I began my business years ago!

In just eight weeks, I have accomplished more hard work to push my business forward than I have done in FOUR YEARS.

Goodbye overwhelm, see you NEVER.

Kathryn Akomah-Mordi
Mordi Photographie

What Thrive Graduates are experiencing…

I went from doing “fine” in business to absolutely THRIVING.

“The Thrive Business Intensive and the community that comes with it is LIFE-CHANGING. Erin breaks down the information in a way that anyone can learn. If you invest in this course, there’s absolutely NO CHANCE that you won’t come out of the course a more successful business owner.”

Katelyn Mallett
Katelyn Mallett Photography

Before the course, I felt totally overwhelmed.

“I was working a LOT, but mostly IN the business, not on the goals that were truly going to move me forward. Plus, I had no system to help me decide what in the world to work on first! I didn’t understand that I needed to give myself PERMISSION to do the work – and this course gave me that game-changing framework. Jeff & Erin taught me that it’s possible to do this… all without feeling overwhelmed.”

Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher Photography

Sure, you COULD…

→ Buy a $2,000 course on how to 10x your leads using Facebook Ads.

But if you think booking more brides and tripling your workload is going to create a sustainable business you love, think again. Dumping a bunch of clients into broken systems is only going to create more chaos, not more joy. And if you can’t provide a great experience to those clients, you’ll ruin your chances for future referrals and be right back in the same place… desperately wanting more leads. Let’s create a solid business FIRST. Then invite the RIGHT leads into it.

→ Get that goal-tracking planner for $20 and read a book on habits.

If that’s worked for you, great! But my guess is that the drawer full of planners and the shelf loaded with books have only gotten you so far. Yes, your old habits have gotten you from point A to point B, but they won’t get you to point C. This program is about getting you to C, and that requires leveling up everything about how you approach your business.

→ Hire a business coach for the year for $10,000 to hold you accountable to your goals

But what happens when the year is over and you don’t have that coach to tell you what to do? Coaches are wonderful, but at some point, every solopreneur needs to learn how to track their own goals, solve their own issues, and hold themselves accountable without anyone else doing it for them. It’s a critical skill that isn’t easy to learn, but this program will teach you how.

What’s Inside?

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll get!


Eight weeks of 50+ total lessons + accountability and support


Weekly Homework Assignments that will make HUGE changes in your business


Feedback on Your Weekly Homework that comes directly from Erin herself!


The Thrive Workbook with all the tools you need to succeed in this system moving forward


The Complete Thrive System to set your goals and actually achieve them long after this program ends


8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (Zoom) to keep you on track and support your transformation


8 Weekly Q&A Office Hours (Zoom) to answer your questions and get help with your homework


Online Thrive Community to ask questions, get support, and walk with other photographers through this new system (you won’t be alone!)


3 Deep Dive Bonus Lessons to supercharge your CEO productivity


…a transformed business from the inside out!

The value of the 16 coaching calls + one-on-one feedback ALONE is worth over $4,000.

The (very) limited business coaching we do outside of this program begins at $500/month (and we require annual contracts). Plus, you’re receiving 50+ lessons, multiple bonus lessons, a community of like-minded friendships, and access to both Jeff + Erin on a weekly basis.

Most business programs of this kind that include multiple weeks, community + accountability built into the structure of the course are well over $2,000.

But you can get started today for just $147!!

The doors close for the Thrive Business Intensive on August 4th at midnight, and next time the doors open, these prices will go up.

Most business coaching and accountability programs of this kind start at $2,000 or more. But we are keeping the price for this incredible program way lower than it should be because of how COVID has affected all of our businesses this year.

We are on a mission to take 1,000 businesses from surviving to thriving, and we want YOU to be one of them!

Remember, the Coaching Membership is limited to 50 seats only! (And will fill up quickly!)

Are you ready to commit to a new future for your business? Let’s do this!

More businesses, just like you, TRANSFORMED

I would trade ALL my educational investments for Thrive!

“Thrive is just THAT transformational. I have paid for many fantastic online courses and in-person mentoring sessions, but this is BY FAR the education with the most IMPACT and value!”

Kathryn Akomah-Mordi
Mordi Photographie

Without Thrive, you will NEVER know what great business feels like.

“This course will absolutely change how you do business. We gained the clarity and knowledge we needed to run a successful business, a desire to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and a HOPE for a bigger, more fulfilling future.”

Courtney Julien
Julien Photography

Because of Thrive, my kids have their mommy back.

“With Thrive, you’re investing in more than just your business, you’re investing in yourself. Because of what I’ve learned and all the work I’ve done in the eight weeks of Thrive, my kids have their mommy back!”

Caitlin Anderson
Caitlin Anderson Photography

I get it. After reading all this way and seeing all of the amazing things about TBI, you could be thinking…

→ I’m not ready to invest in education right now (because of COVID-19, duh).

ANSWER: This is the PERFECT time to invest in your business, because you’re probably feeling isolated and unsure of where to start. With this course, you’ll receive CLEAR instruction on how to move your business forward and get it through the immense challenges you’re facing right now. Bet on yourself, my friend. You won’t regret it.

→ Courses don’t work for me because I don’t have accountability to complete them.

ANSWER: This intensive is community minded, and you’ll walk through each week all together. It’s not a course that you do on your own pace, so the homework, lessons, and group calls are designed to keep everyone on track together.

→ This program is too expensive.

ANSWER: This is the closest model we have to our personal business coaching – which would be $4,000 based on the coaching included in this program. You do the math. 😉

→ I don’t have time for this course.

ANSWER: This course is a commitment, for sure. But in a time when client work is low, it’s the best possible time to be investing in the future health of your biz. The doors will open again in a few months, so if now isn’t a good time, then join us then. But remember – the price will go up every time the doors open!

Oh, and did I mention our guarantee?


After completing the first week of this program, you realize this isn’t the right fit for you or you’re not willing to put in the work, we’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked. (We gotchu, boo.)

Who are The Youngrens?

*ahem* Let us introduce ourselves!

(The official bio, if you please…)

We are Jeff and Erin Youngren, the luxury husband and wife wedding photography team and educators known as The Youngrens. For 14 years, we’ve traveled the world photographing beautiful weddings for couples we love, plus educated other photographers on how to take their businesses from survival mode to thriving mode.

But that’s not all we do…

We also own and manage two other photography brands plus a full time staff and team of photographers that operate out of our massive commercial studio (Skylight Studios) here in San Diego, CA – our associate wedding brand, Clove & Kin, and our commercial brand, Bauman Photographers. 

Oh? And did I mention this mama of a two-year-old (that’s me, Erin) only works two days a week??

If anyone has an excuse to be overwhelmed, it’s us.

But we use this same Thrive System to run our brands, keep up with our podcast (Creative Rising), serve our clients, invest in our students, and unify our team. 

Without this system, yes, we would absolutely be drowning during this COVID pandemic.

See… we thought 2020 was going to be our year, too.

Our studio was growing at a massive rate, and we turned the corner on this year with big ‘ol plans…

…and then COVID.

Did the rug get pulled out from under us in March?? Oh yeah…

But did we gather ourselves (after a solid cry-in-a-ball-on-the-floor sesh), step it up as CEOs, and face the challenges head on?


We’ve leaned into this system more than ever to rise above the chaos, operate with clarity (instead of reacting in overwhelm), and we’ve STILL been pushing towards our most important goals. 

And with the Thrive System as your backbone, 2020 can still be your year, too.

It will be the year when everything changes… for the better.

You will become a whole new business owner, operate in a powerful new identity, and run a beautiful new business that you can’t wait to work in every single day.

Nope, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that this is for everyone.

This program requires commitment, hard work, a can-do attitude, and an open mind. So you are perfect for this program if…

You’re not just ready for change, but you’ve got a fire under your butt to make those changes happen. You’re over it with overwhelm, over it with COVID, and you’re tired of not knowing what to do about it.

You thrive in structure…. but you’re not great at creating it for yourself. You’ve tried different approaches, but they haven’t worked very well or lasted very long.

You believe you DON’T thrive in structure… but you’re so tired of being overwhelmed that you’ll give it a shot. (In fact, I’m willing to bet you’re going to love this system the most!)

You have a digital junk drawer full of courses, but nothing has seemed to make the impact you hope for. You want lasting change, not just more tactics.

You’re insanely excited about the idea of working hard, getting your hands dirty, and finally dealing with the clutter in your business that’s been driving you crazy. In fact, you were sold on this whole thing as soon as I said “accountability.”

You have kids, a spouse, a second job, and COVID hasn’t been a season of “rest.” AT ALL. You’ve been homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, making masks, and working your butt off for months. And you’re exhausted. Will this system work for you? Abso-freakin’-lutely. This system is exactly what your tired soul NEEDS.

You’re single, no mortgage, no kids, and you want COVID to finally end so you can get back to your travels. COVID has been a season of sheer, painful BOREDOM and you’ve been lost in a sea of “what do I do with myself?? Shouldn’t I be working?? But on WHAT??”  This system is (also) exactly what your lost soul needs.

You’re NOT a great fit for this course if…

Let’s be real. This isn’t for everyone, and this isn’t for you if this sounds like you:

You’re not willing to do the hard work. It sounds cliche and every course creator says this about their course… butforreals –> If you don’t do the work, this program won’t change anything for you.

You have a tough time listening to or receiving feedback. This course is all about transformation, and in order to do that, we’ll poke holes in your homework, challenge your mindset, and push you to be better. After all, if you don’t leave this program changed, we didn’t do our job.

You can’t take part in the full eight weeks. I don’t want you to fizzle out halfway through the program, or have a six week getaway planned that starts at Week 4. Every week of this program builds on itself, and in order for you to experience long term results, you’ll need to be able to participate in the full eight weeks. (Luckily, travel plans are limited these days…)

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What date does the program start?

Week One begins when the first set of lessons are dropped into your student portal on Monday, August 10, 2020. The program will continue for the next eight weeks, ending on October 2, 2020.

When do those fabulous Group Coaching Calls take place?

There are TWO Zoom calls every week of the program, one of which is optional:

Group Coaching Call: Wednesdays, 9:00am-10:00am PT on Zoom

Q&A Office Hours: Thursdays, 12:30pm-1:30pm PT on Zoom (Optional)

That Coaching Membership sounds AMAZING!! But I can’t make every group call... Are they required?

None of the group calls are absolutely required, but the Wednesday group call is strongly encouraged that you attend every single one. In order for you to get the most out of your coaching membership, there will be important content and skills you’ll learn on those calls, plus the group holds each other accountable throughout the program.

If you have prior meetings, travel, shoots or engagement that will prevent you from attending one or two Wednesday calls, that’s totally fine. But we encourage you to arrange your schedule so you’re able to consistently attend whenever possible. 

The Thursday Q&A Office Hours are totally optional and you don’t have to show up on time or be there the entire hour. Just pop in, ask a question, then pop out!

Are the group calls recorded? They sound SO fabulous I’ll want to review them again!

Yes but… they will become available at the end of the eight week program. This is to encourage you to show up live to every single Wednesday call.

The Wednesday Group Coaching Calls are only valuable when the community is present. They’re not passive calls where you’ll sit and listen, but are full of active participation where you’ll contribute to the group. You’ll invest in everyone else, and everyone else will invest in you! That’s part of what makes this program so powerful!

Will I have access to the lessons after the eight weeks?

Absolutely! The Thrive System is meant to serve you for the lifetime of your business, so even though you’ll initially receive the lessons week by week, once they’re in your members’ portal, you’ll have lifetime access to revisit the videos whenever you’d like!

I’m just starting out (or I’ve been doing this for 20 years). Is this program right for me?

This course is so fundamental to running a photography business that we’ve had photographers from all stages of business – from year one to year twenty – experience dramatic transformation. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a married team, or have a team of associates, we address all of those scenarios throughout the program. 

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in or how many years you’ve been doing this (or not doing this), the Thrive System will serve you exactly where you’re at.

I’m not a wedding photographer - I photograph portraits or I’m a wedding professional. Will this still work for me?

The honest answer?? I don’t know yet! (If you don’t know this about me, I’ll ALWAYS be honest with you.)

This course is created specifically for wedding photographers and I’ve only had wedding photographers as students. There is a LOT of content in the program that does apply directly to wedding industry professionals and can be applied to portrait photographers, but there are also weeks that will be tough to adapt to your situation (such as pricing and the Scorecard).

Since I haven’t had students other than wedding photographers, I have no proof or evidence if this will work for you or not. My hunch is that it will, but you’ll have to adapt the content to your specific situation. 

However, I do know that if you’re NOT a wedding industry professional or if you’re a different type of photographer other than weddings & portraits (commercial, fine art, landscape, sports, etc) this program is not the right fit for you. 

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Most coaching or accountability programs of this kind typically begin at $2,000 or more. But because of the current COVID circumstances that have totally shutdown our industry, we are keeping this program priced much lower than its actually worth.

We don’t want to see photographers shutting their doors or scraping through survival mode because of a pandemic that’s out of our control.

Instead, we want to see our fellow creatives rise to the occasion, level up how you operate, and become an industry of THRIVING artists.

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