Los Angeles Helipad Engagement | Adrian and Valerie

She trumps everything for him. Adrian is a go-getter personality with a ton of demands on his time and his days, but when it comes to Valerie, she’s the top. The world slows down for this gorgeous girl, and when he’s looking at her, you can see that there is nothing else in his atmosphere than her beautiful smile. And he trumps everything for her, too. Valerie excels at her demanding career with grace and poise, but when she’s in Adrian’s arms, there’s nothing else in the world than him.

Jeff and I met up with Adrian and Valerie in downtown Los Angeles and it was immediately obvious how much these two connect. Their busy lives are full and ambitious, but when they’re together, they laugh. A LOT. Which made their engagement session go from a 10 to a straight up 30… 30 floors that is! After roaming the streets of DTLA, we flew up the elevator of the South Park Center and spent the rest of our evening on top of the helipad!

We took in the views of the city, shot our hearts out along the LA skyline, and watched the sun set with the perfect dreamy sunset. And throughout it all, these two never stopped laughing. Even on top of a downtown skyscraper, they were the ultimate down-to-earth peeps!


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