The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe Wedding | Peter and Kristin

Peter’s best friend told him that the new girl at the office eventually needed to get some work done. Peter had been stopping by her desk everyday just to “say hi” since the day Kristin arrived at their company. She was sweet, smart, beautiful and ambitious, and it was obvious that he was smitten.

Kristin’s best friend had seen Kristin and Peter together, and knew that there was a spark. She told Kristin, “What about Peter? He’s an amazing guy, right?”

Kristin replied, “I know right???” He was cute, funny, kind, and humble. It was obvious that she was smitten.

These two wonderful individuals laughed the entire way through their first date, and it quickly became apparent that Peter and Kristin are the kind of couple that make one another better. His humility and kindness pairs with her strength and determination. Her beauty and brains pairs with his quick wit and hard working soul.

Peter and Kristin chose a romantic black tie wedding at the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe – a place that is special to both of them – and draped their wedding in white with touches of sparkle with the help of Lavish Floral .The night before their classic black tie wedding was all set to begin, a fresh layer of soft and beautiful snow hit the ground, transforming the day into a winter wonderland!


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