Riviera Country Club Wedding | Greer and Catherine

Catherine doesn’t simply move through a room – she glides. From person to person, she artfully embraces each guest with both a hug and her signature heart-melting smile, treating each person like the most important being in the entire room. Maybe even the world. In fact, just to stand next to her, to listen to her words, or to glance at her from across the room is to feel significant. Watching Catherine is witnessing a master at connection.

Greer isn’t simply likeable – he’s hopelessly charming. As a JAG attorney for the Army with a love for history, he’s wickedly smart with a strong character, but on the outside he’s humble, kind, and disarming. To converse with Greer is to feel joyfully known and I don’t know a single person that doesn’t instantly melt with a flash of his beaming smile.

Jeff and I enjoyed every single millisecond of this sophisticated wedding where everything was polished from top to bottom. They chose a traditional church ceremony at The Parish of St. Matthew, held a black tie reception at the historic Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, and opted for the Dean Mora Orchestra to play nothing but swing classics for their guests to enjoy the entire evening. If you’re a fan of anything classic, then you’ll be swooning over this lovely wedding in seconds!

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