Villa Montalvo Wedding | Minh and Sandy

Minh and Sandy have loved each other for more than 18 years. Their wedding day was wrapped up in so much meaning, but having loved each other so deeply for so long, they’ve already experienced many chapters of life together. So their wedding day was all about celebrating the continuation – the commitment to furthering their story of love, support, and whole-hearted admiration for each other. From this day forward, Minh promised to love Sandy even more deeply, and she promised to always be proud of him.

When Minh saw Sandy for the first time that day at their First Look, the culmination of those years of growing together brought about a flood of emotions and butterflies of joy. And if you know Jeff and I, you know our hearts swelled to bursting when Minh and Sandy said they had one goal for their wedding day: to take it slow and savor every last bit. #speakingourlanguage

When Sandy had imagined her wedding day, the scene that popped into her mind was always this: An elegant garden full of her family and best friends. So we couldn’t have imagined a more serene, romantic setting for her and Minh to step into after their traditional Vietnamese ceremony, because the grounds at Villa Montalvo are just that: DREAMY.


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