How to Fill Your Calendar with AMAZING Dream Clients

Everybody is Talking About Dream Clients

Todd James

Todd James

Todd James Photography

“I love my job because I love my clients. Getting to work with my Dream Clients on a regular basis keeps me energized personally, entrepreneurially, and creatively!”
Ginny Corbett

Ginny Corbett

Ginny Corbett Photography

“One of the many joys of being an entrepreneur is crafting a business that is both profitable and life-giving. Knowing my Ideal Client has given me the focus I need to attract those who will add to the joy of my photography business instead of taking away from it.”
Troy & Aimee

Troy & Aimee

The Grovers

“Knowing who your Ideal Clients are truly helps you work smarter, not harder. It excites, motivates and increases the longevity of your business because it fosters the artist in us all.”




The full master course that teaches you how to get inside the heads of your dream clients and build an irresistible brand to attract them.

What is a Dreamie?

Your Dreamies. Your target audience. Your perfect bride.

These are all words for the exact same thing – the ideal client.

Your ideal clients are the unique clients that are the perfect fit for YOU and nobody else.

These are the life-giving couples that pay you what YOU’RE WORTH and make you SHOUT from the ROOFTOPS every time you get to work with them!!

But if you’ve been a wedding photographer for long, you know that ideal clients feel less like REALITY and more like FANTASY. (Unicorns anyone???)

Which leaves us discouraged and doubting:

“Do my ideal clients actually EXIST? Because if they do, they’re not finding me and I’m not finding them!!!”

And yet… we see everyone else talking about it. Somehow, everyone else seems to be attracting their Dreamies and booking 5 figure weddings… constantly.

Meanwhile, you’re cutting your prices and chasing leads to book anything you can get.

What are they doing different? Did they stumble upon some secret code?

To answer your question, NO. They have not collectively found a secret code, because it hasn’t existed…

Until now.

Now with this course, you can unlock the secrets of your Dream Clients, know them in more detail than you ever thought possible, and book them over and over again in your business using the proven strategies that we teach in our program.

What Our Students Are Saying

Taylor Abeel

Taylor Abeel

Taylor Abeel Photography

Before taking this course I was just taking wild guesses in my marketing, trying to attract “better” clients. This course really helped me realize I was going about it all wrong! I now have a very clear vision of not only the type of client I am the best fit for, but also those whom I find the most joy working with.

The real value of this course goes far beyond business. It really helped me understand what matters most to me and why. I think that information will become a sort of “True North” for me to base many life decisions on, big and small. There truly is great power in focus and that is what this course did for me!

Alyss Valleroy

Alyss Valleroy

Honey Photographs

This course was EXACTLY what my business needed. We were in a place of complacency, and feeling a bit lost about how to stand out and create work that was life giving to us and our clients. Now, I’ve never had a more clear view of who I am as an artist!

The course has given me such clear direction in what connects me to certain clients and how to focus on that more. I was so excited about my final Dreamie profile that I excitedly called all my loved ones to read it to them. Ha! It evokes THAT level of celebration!

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller Photography

This course takes you on a deep-dive, asking the difficult and important questions necessary for you to identify your distinct voice and speak directly to your ideal clients. This has been very impactful for me. When I work with my ideal clients I am happier, energized and create my best work. And this course has helped me identify exactly who I need to be speaking to.

Whether you’re just starting out or have a more seasoned business, this course will help your find the path to your ideal client and I can’t recommend it enough.

Chris & JD Steele

Chris & JD Steele

Steele Photography

For us, marketing and how we position ourselves has always been like throwing darts at a dartboard – blindfolded! Attracting the right clients happened on accident, not on purpose. The DYIC course has removed the blindfold and allowed us to clearly see who are ideal clients are and what is most valuable to them.

And you know what? Our ideal clients are not who we thought they were! Erin’s detailed and well thought out explanations and examples made navigating through murky waters easy and fun.

Overall the DYIC course will allow us to take our already successful business to the next level and have the life we truly want, working with clients we absolutely love!


  • Our Dreamie Formula. The EXACT step-by-step formula we use to only attract clients we adore and that pay us what we’re worth.
  • A Dreamie Profile. A 1-2 sentence profile of your Dream Clients that will inform EVERYTHING you do in your business.
  • An Editorial Calendar. A calendar that will show you WHAT to post and WHEN to post to your blog, Instagram, and Facebook Page.
  • No More Problem Clients. You’ll know how to identify your big red flags, so you can actively and confidently avoid problem clients BEFORE they book.
  • An Irresistible Brand. Dream Clients knocking down your door with our surprisingly simple step-by-step Social Media System.
  • A Dream-Worthy Business. A fulfilling and profitable business you love instead of a burned-out business you seriously don’t.
  • Clients That You Love. Stress-free shoots, clients that are friends, and complete trust and appreciation from your couples. Yes, this is possible!
  • Clients That Love YOU. Instead of lukewarm inquiries for weddings that aren’t the right fit, you’ll have a network of raving fans that can’t help but spread your name!


  • You’ll Clarify Your Purpose for Your Business. In the very first lesson, I help you clarify exactly what you want your business to DO for you in your life. This is the first step in building a business you love, because you need to have a clear mission and purpose that will drive you during the ups and downs of being a creative entrepreneur.
  • You’ll Study Yourself. In the second step of the course, I’ll guide you through the confusing maze of figuring out who YOU ARE as a person, photographer, and business owner. I’ve built a three-step formula that I’ll walk you through, and you’ll come out knowing exactly what defines you as a person and how to put yourself out there online in an authentic manner.
  • You’ll Study Your Favorite Clients. Once you know who YOU ARE, then I walk you through that same three-step formula with your favorite clients. You’ll gain unbelievable insight into their minds, and you’ll have a crystal clear picture of who they are and what they love!
  • You’ll Create a Powerful Dreamie Profile. Once you’ve studied yourself and your favorite clients, then I’ll teach you how to take that information and work it into a crazy powerful 1-2 sentence profile of your dream clients that is SO RICH with meaning that you’ll know everything about your Dreamies instantly! You’ll memorize this profile and use it in every decision you need to make in your business – from a simple post on Instagram to rebranding your entire website! This is the most powerful lesson of the entire course!
  • You’ll Build a Quick Copy Library. By the end of the second module, you will have built a library of so many words, phrases, adjectives, and descriptors that closely align with your brand that you’ll use them in your social media copy and never have to deal with writer’s block again!
  • You’ll Define Your Style of Photography. You’ll know EXACTLY what kind of weddings and images are the perfect fit for you! The next time a prospective client asks, “How would you describe your photos?”, instead of stumbling through a confusing answer, you’ll have a confident reply that will clearly and beautifully describe YOU and YOUR ART.
  • You’ll Create a Unique Position from Everyone Else. You’ll know exactly what makes you different from everyone else in your market! I’ll teach you how to communicate to vendors and venues in your area to show them what makes you unique and valuable. They’ll know exactly who YOU ARE and who YOU ARE NOT.
  • You’ll Build an Editorial Calendar. I walk you through the step by step process of building a social media calendar for your blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Never get stuck again! You’ll know exactly WHAT to post and WHEN to post it to attract and book your Dreamies!


When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:

The FULL Discover Your Ideal Client Master Course: Access to all Modules & Lessons – with downloadable videos, worksheets, and homework. (Value – $397)

BONUS #1: Copywriting for your Dreamies – Learn how to write focused and effective copy that completely connects with your Dreamies! (Value = $149)

BONUS #2: The Secret to Sales : How to BOOK Your Dreamies – Once you know WHO your Dreamies are, and how to ATTRACT them to your brand, let me teach you how to BOOK them when they contact you! (Value = $149)

When you add all this up, that’s a total value of $695, but as a special offer just for Webinar attendees you’ll get all of this for just $297!

“Turning my clients’ interests into values was so eye-opening for me! Most people only talk about the surface things, but now I know what’s really important to my brides – what matters to them the most!”

Cavin Elizabeth

Cavin Elizabeth

Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Captivate Your Dreamies

How do you get noticed by the right people – people that appreciate and value your work?
How do you make sure that your ideal clients find you and choose you?

Inside the course, you’ll learn:

  • Who you are as a photographer, business owner, and creative entrepreneur. I’ll help you discover what’s most important to you, and identify what sets you apart from everyone else around you.
  • Who your favorite clients are and what matters to them. I’ll guide you through the fundamental process of understanding what’s most important to your favorite clients, and how to connect with them in meaningful way!
  • What your unique photography style is. I’ll help you define your style and position your business in your market to achieve maximum success!
What’s Included in the Master Course?

Lifetime Access

Your purchase of the course isn’t a subscription – you get lifetime, unlimited access to the course so you can go at your own pace and revisit lessons whenever you like!

Worksheets & Homework

The lessons come with worksheets & homework assignments so you can follow along and then dig deep into the core of your ideal clients as you learn who they are, how to attract them, and how to book them.

Private Facebook Group

When you get stuck, we’re here for you in the our Members-Only FB group to get you un-stuck, workshop your Dreamie Profile, and get valuable feedback on your brand! 

Module One : Dreamie Foundations

Lesson One: Pictures of Happiness: What’s Your Why?
  • Internalize the big picture ‘WHY’ for your business. Booking your Dreamies will give your business a powerful edge over your competition, so what is the big goal that you want that edge to help you achieve?
Lesson Two: What in the World is Dreamie
  • Learn exactly what a Dreamie IS and exactly what a Dreamie IS NOT. You won’t be able to effectively go after your Dreamies until you understand these key elements.

Module Two: Dreamie Bootcamp

Lesson One: Check Yo’Self
  • Walk through the three-step process of understanding YOU. What makes you tick? What matters to you? And who are you as a business owner and brand?
Lesson Two: Check Your Dreamies
  • Ever want to get inside the heads of your clients? I’ll show you how! You’ll learn how to discover what’s important to your clients, and how find out more about them!
Lesson Three: Build Your Dreamie Profile
  • Craft a powerful and effective profile of your Dreamies that you will use in every decision you make in your business!! This will bring you amazing focus and clarity in everything you do!

Module Two: Dreamie Bootcamp

Lesson One: Your Art: Discover Your Visual Style
  • Identify and define your unique style of photography – and learn how to go after weddings that are the perfect style for you!
Lesson Two: Your Position: Stand Apart in a Crowded World
  • Learn how to stand out from everyone else in your local market, and not get lost in all of the noise. Plus, identify key vendors and venues to partner with!
Lesson Three: Your Marketing: Build a Brand Your Dreamies Can’t Resist
  • How do you juggle social media in your business? I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of building an effective (and manageable) social media strategy to attract your Dreamies in a way that is authentic to you!

Are You Going Through a Rebrand?

If you are about to redesign your brand and your website (or you’re overdue for a new site) then this course will be PERFECT for you! 

Before you go through the painstaking effort of redesigning your website you need to understand WHO you’re trying to attract! 

Otherwise, you could sink unbelievable amounts of time and money into a website that doesn’t work.

This course will not cover actual design topics such as creating logos, choosing colors, or building websites, but if you hand your materials to any graphic designer they will LOVE you for doing this work FIRST!

They will be able to craft a website perfect for you and for your Dream Clients because you’ll have the most critical thing needed to build a strong brand – CLARITY. 

This is not a quick fix.

This is a foundational framework.
If you’re hoping for a quick tactic or a fancy marketing technique to test out in your business, then this course is NOT the right fit for you.

This is a foundational course where I’ll guide you through the critical work of understanding who you are and who the right clients are FOR you.

This course involves a LOT of introspective thinking, and for some people, it will be an entirely NEW way of thinking.

My students have completed this course in as little as a week or as long as a few months. It all depends on your personality and how well you know yourself already!

But the results have been powerful!

No matter what, I will walk with you, hand-in-hand, through the entire process, no matter how new this way of thinking will be for you!

What Others Say about The Youngrens

Karen & Isaac Stott

Karen & Isaac Stott

Pursuit Community Founders

Being in the wedding photography industry for 10 years, we’ve come to know many of the educators in the field. Jeff and Erin are in a class all their own because of the depth of care, time, and attention they sow into other photographers, and their clients.

In an industry that is inundated with “how to” classes Jeff & Erin Youngren were like a breath of fresh air. Their content is authentic and like nothing else out there, but what truly separates them from so many others is their genuine sincerity to see you succeed and create the business and life you’ve dreamed of.

On a business level, the wisdom, and skills present in these two continually blows my mind. The Youngrens are proof that depth, love, and character wins every time.

Justin & Mary

Justin & Mary

Justin & Mary Weddings

It’s as simple as this: Jeff & Erin are the REAL deal. They know their stuff inside and out, and they have a decade of business to back it up. We have had the honor of watching them teach and and lead and change lives in this industry for years, and while in that same time other speakers have come and gone….the true teachers who are practicing what they preach are the ones who last. That’s Jeff & Erin!

These two lead & teach from the heart, they just don’t know any other way. And they are never content to leave something at the surface level. They will come alongside you and show you how to build a thriving business by digging in deeper. By connecting with people on the things that matter MOST. By standing for something, and finding the couples who stand for that too. And when you can build a business like that, one that actually STANDS for something and serves others and is based on something bigger than yourself, that’s going to be something that was build to LAST. Just like these two are

How do I know if
Discover Your Ideal Client
is right for me?

You will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this course if:
  • You’re looking for a step-by-step system, not just another random marketing tactic to try.
  • You’re willing to do the work. This is not a quick fix course! This content takes effort – there is homework involved and lots of introspective thinking, so be ready to put in the effort to get maximum results!
  • You want to build a lasting and sustainable business that will outlast the current photography trends and survive the unforeseeable whims of the market.
  • You have a few weddings under your belt. While any wedding photographer will benefit from this course – no matter the stage of your business – my students that have gotten the MOST value have been running their business at least 2-3 years and/or have photographed at least 10 weddings of their own.
  • You’re a full-time, part-time, or ‘side hustle’ business! You don’t have to be a full-time photographer to get an insane amount of value out of this course. In fact, part-time photographers need to be VERY strategicabout the clients they attract so they don’t waste valuable time with clients that aren’t the right fit!
You will NOT love this course if:
  • You just want a quick marketing strategy to get more inquiries.
  • You are wanting to learn about graphic design. This does not cover how to create a logo and build a website, but it will give you the foundational materials any graphic designer will need to craft a visual brand for you!
  • You are simply looking to buy a ‘quick fix’, and aren’t ready to do the hard work of building a solid foundation for your branding and marketing.
  • You are ok with shooting any wedding that comes your way. If a relationship with your clients doesn’t matter to you, then this will NOT be a good fit for you!

Are You Ready to Discover Your Dreamies?


When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:

The FULL Discover Your Ideal Client Master Course: Access to all 3 Modules with downloadable videos, worksheets, and homework. Value – $397

BONUS #1: Copywriting for your Dreamies – Learn how to write focused and effecive copy that completely connects with your dreamies! (Value = $149)

BONUS #2: The Secret to Sales : How to BOOK Your Dreamies – Once you know WHO your Dreamies are, and how to ATTRACT them to your brand, let me teach you how to BOOK them when they contact you! (Value = $149)

BONUS #3: Instant Access to the Private Discover Your Ideal Client Facebook Group where you’ll gain unlimited insight, inspiration and feedback on your Ideal Client Profile from a friendly and approachable group of like minded creatives.

When you add all this up, that’s a total value of $695, but as a special offer just for Webinar attendees you’ll get all of this for just $297!

Our 60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Since this is an in-depth course, we’re giving you 60 days to complete the lessons and do the homework. If, at the end of the course, you don’t feel like you can effectively attract your Dream Clients, then show us your homework and show us your Dreamie Profile, and we’ll give you your money back if it’s within 60 days.

But you DO have to do the homework and craft a Dreamie Profile FIRST before you will be eligible for a refund.

Our Dreamies for this course are photographers that are willing to put in the important work to create their dream business and that believe in the power of going after their Dream Clients!

If you have ANY questions about if this course is the right fit for you and your particular business, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want to make sure every student gets massive value out of their investment!

You’ve Got Questions?


How do I know if this is the right fit for me?
We’re looking for students that want to make an important impact in their business and are willing to put in the work to create a lasting foundation. This course is NOT a good fit for you if you’re looking for a quick fix, or a cool new marketing technique. That’s not what this is!

Also, if building a relationship with your clients is important to you – this course is the perfect fit to learn how!

How long will it take me to get through your course?
This is a go-at-your-own-pace kind of course, and while you can watch all of the lessons in one afternoon, the content is very introspective. Students that get the most value of this course have taken 3-4 weeks to go through all of the lessons, and they really spend time with each lesson’s homework.
What if I’m just starting out? Is this a good fit for me?
This course is ideally suited for photographers that are at least 2-3 years into their business and have photographed at least 10 weddings of their own. However, photographers that are just starting out have gotten a lot of value out of this course, but may struggle with some of the exercises because they don’t have enough past clients or past experiences to pull from.
I'm portrait photographer - is this for wedding photographers only?
While this course is written specifically for wedding photographers and the concrete examples Erin uses are related to wedding photographers, the content and concepts can be directly applied to any creative entrepreneur, particularly portrait photographers or any professional that’s in the wedding industry.
How long are the lessons and how many are there?
The course is three modules with eight lessons, each lesson being 20-30 minutes long. We recommend spending at least one hour of time with each lesson so that you can fully complete your homework and get the most value out of each lesson.
What else do I need to buy to see results with your course?
There’s absolutely nothing you need to buy in addition to this course to get amazing results! I will recommend a few apps to help you with your marketing strategy in Module 3, but the cost is minimal and most of them are free!
Do I get lifetime access? How long do I have access to it?
You will have lifetime access to this course. You can go at your own pace and revisit lessons at any time.
Oreos or Kit-Kats?
Both. Next question.
Will I be able to ask you questions if I get stuck?
Yes! I will be active in the Facebook community as well as my staff and your fellow students.
I'm about to hire a designer to do a rebrand. Should I do this course before or after this process?
BEFORE! This stuff is CRITICAL for a designer to know about you before doing a rebrand and most designers are great at design, but not great at this conversation. We’ve found that when our students take their Dreamie Profile and Style Library to their designers we have some VERY happy designers!!
What is your refund policy?
60 day refund policy and you must show us your homework. You get to keep all the bonuses but there are no video downloads during that first 60 days.