Discover Your Ideal Client – The Marketing Course


How do you get noticed by the right people instead of constantly dealing with lackluster inquiries and price shoppers?

In order to stop the inquiries for brides you don’t love, you need a deep, fundamental understanding of the ones you do. 

This marketing course takes you through our step-by-step system of clarifying who you are, discovering who your ideal clients are, and attracting them to your business.

Stop spinning your wheels with the wrong clients, and let’s get you booking your Dream brides!

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If you’ve been cutting your prices and desperately chasing leads to book anything you can get, something needs to change. FAST. 

And the #1 reason most photographers get caught in a cycle of bad leads and price shoppers is because they’re trying to attract everyone.

And when you try to attract everyone, you’ll attract no one. 

In order to book the amazing brides you dream about, you can’t have just a vague idea of who they are and what they’re like.

You need to know your Ideal Clients so deeply that you know them better than they know themselves.

You need to be able to get inside their heads, understand what matters the most to them, and speak to them differently than anybody else does.

You need to show them that you are the perfect fit for them, and you can’t do that until you’ve developed a deep, intimate knowledge of how they see the world.

That is what this course will teach you.

Until you do, you’ll never get off the exhausting hamster wheel of chasing after leads that you don’t actually want. 

Instead, let’s get you the brides you love!

What You’ll Get in This Course:

  • A Step-by-Step System: I walk you through our three step process of understanding what your message is, what matters most to your favorite clients, and how to connect it all together into one amazing irresistible brand.
  • A Powerful Dreamie Profile: You’ll know exactly who your Ideal Clients are and everything in your business will be focused on booking THEM.
  • Crystal Clear Messaging: You’ll come out of this course with unbelievable clarity about your unique brand, what sets you apart, and who your business is going after.
  • A Marketing Action Plan: You’ll create a marketing action plan to attract your Dreamies on social media. 
  • Clarity & Focus: Our students don’t suffer from “shiny object syndrome.” They know exactly who they’re going after and how to get them. 

Included in the Course:

  • Lifetime, Unlimited Access to All Modules: Go at your own pace and revisit lessons whenever you want
  • A Copy of Our Dreamie Guide: Guides you through your lessons & homework as you deep dive into the desires of your dream brides
  • Access to Our Private, Members-Only Facebook Community: Erin Youngren will provide direct support in helping you craft your brand, hone in on your message, write amazing copy for your website, and refine your marketing plan to attract your Dreamies!
  • BONUS LESSON! The Secret to Sales: Book Your Dreamies When They Knock On Your Door
  • BONUS LESSON! Copywriting: Write Your Site to Attract Your Dreamies


P.S. Are you thinking about rebranding your business??

If you are about to redesign your brand or you’re long overdue for a new website, then this course will be PERFECT for you!

Take this course FIRST, then hand all of your hard work over to a graphic designer and they will create magic for you!

Before you go through the painstaking effort of redesigning your website, you need to understand WHO you’re trying to attract.

Otherwise, you could sink unbelievable amounts of time and money into a website that attracts no one!