Complete Email Template Collection



This is our FULL set of 42 pre-written wedding, engagement, and album email templates that we use in ALL THREE of our studios to book our Dreamies, blow them away with a Dreamie experience, and sell them beautiful albums and products – all while saving us INSANE amounts of time!!

Set includes our most crucial, can’t-live-without email templates for inquiry responses, pre- and post-wedding communication, engagement sessions, and even our entire album design process!

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This complete set of 42 email templates includes:

  • Multiple pre-written inquiry responses for weddings AND engagements so you can reply to potential brides FAST
  • Pre-wedding emails that automatically answer all of your clients pressing FAQs before they ask – saving you HOURS of time in responding to the most common questions!
  • Our full set of engagement email templates, including our Engagement Session Tips email with EVERYTHING we tell our clients about outfits, makeup, and locations – which will make your sessions go from BLAH to oh-so-dream-worthy!
  • All of our album design emails that walk our couples through our simple and easy album design process.

Leverage these templates to spend less time behind your computer, and more time shooting your dream clients!

Below is the FULL LIST of the emails included in this collection:


1. Thanks for Getting in Touch! (Automated Response)
2. Here’s My Wedding Pricing, Let’s Chat!
3. Life is Busy, Just Checking In :)
4. I’m Still Available, You Still Interested?
5. Sorry! I’m Unavailable :(
6. Engagement Inquiry


1. Here’s Your Proposal, Sign Here!
2. Proposal Follow-Up: Let’s Get your Wedding Booked!
3. You’ve Booked: Here’s Your Client Portal
4. You’ve Booked: What’s Next?
5. Here’s Your Photography Questionnaires
6. Questionnaire Reminder
7. Sending Schedule to Coordinator, Please Review
8. Here’s Your Photo Schedule & Family Portraits, Please Review
9. Tips to Make Your Wedding Photos Fabulous
10. Invoice Reminder: Due Date is Coming Up
11. Invoice Reminder: Balance is Due
12. Invoice Reminder: Balance is Overdue
13. Here’s Your FINAL Photo Schedule & Family Portraits, Please Confirm
14. Confirming Details with Your Second Shooter
15. Surprise! Here’s Some Sneak Peeks!
16. Sending Sneak Peeks to Vendors
17. Your Wedding is on the Blog!
18. Our Couple’s Wedding is on the Blog! (For Vendors)
19. Your Wedding Gallery is Ready
20. Your Vendor Gallery is Ready
21. Your Wedding is Being Featured!
22. Our Couple’s Wedding is Featured! (For Vendors)


1. Engagement Session Tips: How to Look Fabulous
2. Confirming Session Details: You Ready for this Magic?
3. Your Engagement Session is on the Blog!
4. Your Engagement Gallery is Ready


1. You’ve Bought an Album, Here’s the Process
2. Your Album Design is Ready to View
3. Thanks! I’ve Received Your First Round of Changes
4. Your First Round of Changes are Ready!
5. Approved! No Second Round: Here’s What’s Next
6. Thanks! I’ve Received Your Second Round of Changes
7. Changes Complete: Design is Ready for Approval
8. Album Has Entered Production, It’ll Be Here Soon!
9. Album Has Arrived (Pick-Up)
10. Album Has Arrived (Shipping to Client)