Lightroom Presets for Natural Light Photographers


Most Lightroom presets are hailed as “catch-alls” or “one click solutions” to your editing woes, but the more you start seeing presets as TOOLS to accomplish the unique look you’re after, the easier editing will become for you. In our “Lightroom Presets for the Natural Light Photographer” we’ve included the 12 most helpful preset tools that we use on a day to day basis in our studio. The included presets are :

  • Perfect Skin
  • Curvy Contrast
  • Natural Warming
  • Fresh Skin
  • Clean Brightener
  • Low Light Fixer Upper
  • Vibrant & Bold Colors
  • Signature Black & White
  • Basic Slider Starter
  • FILM – Perfect Skin
  • FILM – Curvy Contrast
  • FILM – Natural Warming

Upon Purchasing, you’ll receive a link to watch the mini-training we created showing you how to use these presets to create your signature style! Enjoy, friends!



To give you an idea of how we actually use these presets on a day-to-day basis in our studio, we put together a mini-training on how they work. We hope it’s helpful for you! Please note, this is only available to purchasers of our presets. You’ll be sent the password upon purchasing! [x_video_embed type=”16:9″] [/x_video_embed]