Wedding Questionnaire Guide


Get the exact questions we ask our clients in order to create our wedding day timelines, our family portrait lists, and set ourselves up for SUCCESS on the wedding day.

You’ll delight your couples with a smooth wedding planning experience (and save yourself a huge headache!) with this set of five Wedding Questionnaires that we use across all three of our studios with every wedding we book.

(BONUS! We’re including one of our favorite email templates that’s not included in any of our other email template collections!)


Our Wedding Questionnaire Guide includes:

  • Our full set of pre-written questionnaires to save you hassle, headache, and confusion when booking your clients, creating their Wedding Day Timeline, and creating a fool-proof Family Portraits List. These are the exact questions we ask our clients!

  • A post-wedding questionnaire that will bring clarity to the album design process, plus give you concrete, personalized materials for writing blog or social media copy. 

  • Ready-to-use text that you can copy and paste directly into your own Táve Questionnaire Templates OR other CRM.

  • Complete descriptions of when, how, and why we send each questionnaire as part of our wedding workflow (that we use across three different studios), plus notes about correlating email templates from other products in our photographer shop!

  • A BONUS email template that we don’t sell anywhere else!

Leverage these questionnaires to create clarity around your couples’ Wedding Day Timelines, improve your client experience, and save yourself SO MUCH TIME.

Below is the full list of the Wedding Questionnaires included in this guide:

  • Wedding Basics Questionnaire 

  • Wedding Planning Questionnaires:

    • Wedding Logistics Questionnaires

    • Family Portraits Questionnaire 

    • Wedding Vendors Questionnaire 

  • Favorite Wedding Moments Questionnaire

  • Plus, a BONUS Email Template for delivering our Favorite Wedding Moments Questionnaire (not found anywhere else in our Photographer Store!)