Second Shooter & Associate Photographer Contract


As much as we can, we all choose to work with second shooters and hire associate photographers that we trust, but what happens if that trust is suddenly compromised?

What happens if your second shooter uses images from your wedding on their own website? What if your associate does something that negatively affects your business? What recourse do you have?

Avoid heart-wrenching and complicated issues with other photographers by using a clear Independent Contractor Agreement up front. (Plus, an agreement is necessary in order to be compliant with State and Federal regulations.)



Most photographers only choose to work with Second Shooters and Associate Photographers that they trust, but what happens when the unforeseen happens and that trust is compromised?

Or worse – what happens when your Second Shooter or Associate does something that negatively affects your business?

What recourse do you have?

A thorough Independent Contractor Agreement is a critical piece of any great Second Shooter or Associate Photographer relationship, plus it’s also necessary in order to be compliant with State and Federal regulations.

This Independent Contractor Agreement is for both Second Shooters and/or Associate Photographers, and clearly sets up the proper expectations between the Studio and the Second Shooter/Associate, saving you precious time and money by avoiding complicated and heart-wrenching issues with your photographers later.

When (not IF, but WHEN) questions or concerns arise from your Independent Contractor about who owns the copyright to the images, what your photographer can and cannot do on a shoot, expectations with vendor relationships, client confidentiality, etc, this contract is the third party agreement that outlines the terms for everybody involved, giving you the power and the confidence to run your business effectively and legally.

As owners of three successful studios, The Youngrens have 10 Associate Photographers and dozens of Second Shooters they work with on an ongoing basis, and this is the single agreement that keeps everyone on the same page and the studios running smoothly.

The Associate Photographer & Second Shooter Contract includes terms for:

  • Independent Contractor status
  • “Work for Hire” Agreements
  • Assignment of Copyright
  • Professional Standards
  • Gear and Tool Usage
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Studio Image Usage
  • Treatment of Confidential Information
  • Trade Secrets
  • Employee and Customer Solicitation
  • and much, much more!

Having your lawyer write a contract from SCRATCH definitely isn’t cheap. In fact, writing a contract from start to finish can cost into the thousands, so we’ve taken on the bulk of the expense FOR you.

Invest in this pre-written contract, and then have your lawyer look it over. It’s much simpler, easier, and cheaper than managing the whole process yourself!