Wedding Contract


Protect your business, manage expectations, and take care of your clients with our wedding photography contract!

With this comprehensive, lawyer-written contract, you’ll navigate potentially tense situations with your clients with grace and ease, serving them with the care they deserve while protecting your livelihood. Proactively prevent the most common and painful issues such as:

  • Who owns the copyright to the images?
  • Does the client get a refund if the wedding is cancelled?
  • What happens if a shot is missed on the wedding day?

Learn more about our wedding contract below!



Weddings are highly emotional events and anything can happen! Which is why you need to be legally prepared when tough, unforeseen situations occur, such as:

What if an act of God prevents you from shooting the wedding?

What if you miss a requested photo on the wedding day?

What happens if the couple doesn’t like their images and demands a refund?

This wedding contract was written by lawyers in California and includes all of the essential elements of a solid wedding event agreement including detailed terms for:

  • What happens in the case of non-payment, cancellations or postponements
  • Who owns the copyright to the images (You do!)
  • Model releases & promotional rights for your business
  • What your couples can – and cannot – do with the digital files
  • What happens in the case of an Act of God (you become ill, get in an accident, or can’t shoot the wedding)
  • How to navigate venue restrictions
  • Requested photographs & what happens if you miss a shot on the wedding day
  • Artistic license – you are in charge of what images you deliver and how they’re edited!
  • So much more!

When unfortunate situations occur, this contract will be the third party that outlines the terms moving forward for everybody involved.

While this contract is primarily built to protect your art and your business, we love that it protects your clients as well and gives them peace of mind knowing that you have your mutual best interests at heart.

***Having a lawyer write a contract from SCRATCH isn’t cheap!! In fact, writing a contract from start to finish can cost into the thousands, so we’ve taken on the bulk of the expense FOR you.

Invest in this pre-written contract, and then have your lawyer look it over. It’s simpler, easier, and soooooo much cheaper!***