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When that project you’ve been SO excited about for the last few years finally lands on your doorstep…

Our wonderful friends at The Knot published the most beautiful wedding book EVAH featuring nothing but sweet and lovely outdoor weddings, and they’ve included TWO of our favorite weddings from Lake Tahoe!

This wedding bundle-of-joy arrived while Jeff and I were traveling, so our studio manager, the sweet-and-lovely Kelsey, received the package and put it immediately on the coffee table for our brides to enjoy. After coming home from a week of travel and seeing it sitting there, I was completely thrilled!

(Happy dances were done and many ‘woohoos’ were declared.)

Brian and Susi’s bright and rustic Lake Tahoe wedding at FitzHaven Estate graces the pages of the book as well as Chris and Katie’s luxurious mountain wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe.

Both of these gorgeous weddings were coordinated and styled by the seriously talented Merrily of Merrily Wed, and they both deserve all the recognition in the world! We’re so thrilled about this project, and love that this book is chock full of beautiful outdoor weddings from all over the world, and that our images sit next to some of the top photographers and vendors. *blush*

So glad to have this pretty little beauty living in our studio now!

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