How to Become an Elopement Photographer (with Maddie Mae)

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Creative Rising Episode 405


With the majority of big weddings either postponing to next year or pivoting to smaller celebrations in 2020, wedding photographers have had to learn how to pivot their businesses to offer coverage for elopements and small intimate weddings – many for the first time ever.

However, the number of couples that have been ditching the idea of a big wedding and choosing an intimate elopement has been on the rise for years – and Maddie Mae noticed this in 2015.

After 5 years photographing big wedding days, Maddie found herself burnt out and jaded with the performance and production of big weddings, but that all changed when she photographed her first elopement. Immediately she knew that it was her greatest passion and she took the leap to go “all in” and created Adventure Instead, her high-end brand that specializes in adventure elopements only.

Now, 5 years later, she runs a Forbes-featured and Rangefinder-award-winning, kickass team of 3 adventurous female photographers (herself, Amber, & Tori) who travel around the U.S. and world helping eloping couples bring their vision of their own intimate & meaningful wedding experiences to life.

In this episode, Maddie shares:

  • Why so many couples have been choosing to elope (even before 2020)
  • The biggest myths & misconceptions about elopements and intimate weddings
  • How to pivot your business to become an exclusive elopement photographer
  • How to offer intimate wedding coverage if you DON’T want to become an elopement photographer, but need to book business NOW
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