Execution Guide: How to Create a Simple Asset Management System


If you’ve ever had a hard-drive fail or needed to recover images, you know that stomach-dropping feeling.

A reliable back-up system is CRITICAL, but can get complicated easily.

We’re making it EASY for you and giving you a simple, yet effective, asset management system that is easy to follow and takes AWAY all the stress of keeping your images protected.

PLUS, we’re giving you our Lightroom Catalog Templates as part of the guide, which we don’t offer in any other product sold!

Check out more details below!

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This Execution Guide includes:

  • A complete 30-minute training video on how to create your asset management system.
  • The exact asset management workflow we use in our business – we’re giving you a step-by-step workflow of WHAT to do WHEN to eliminate all confusion!
  • Our template Lightroom catalogs to simplify your life (a product that we have never offered before anywhere on our shop!), PLUS a 30-minute walkthrough video on exactly how to use them.
  • A shopping list (and direct links!) for all of the important products you’ll need to build out your backup system.