Shootproof Gallery Email Templates


This is our tried-and-true automated wedding email campaign that we use in our Shootproof account to sell prints for every single one of our wedding galleries in Shootproof. This set of NINE EMAILS includes subject lines, swipe copy, call to action text, and the exact send dates and strategies.

Check out more details below!

(We use Shootproof to deliver images to our clients, and we absolutely love it! Not a Shootproof user? Check it out here!)




One of our favorite features of Shootproof is the ability to send automated email campaigns to sell prints and make more passive income.

No need to use a separate email system like MailChimp or Drip. Set up our automated email campaign directly in your Shootproof account and watch your passive print sales grow!


This automated Shootproof email campaign includes:

  • A set of nine pre-written and tested emails
  • Tried-and-true subject lines for maximum open rates
  • Call to action text to increase click through rates
  • Customizable swipe copy (for the body of the emails) to cut and paste into your Shootproof account
  • Trigger dates so you always know when to send
  • WHO to send the emails to (you need to customize the recipients)
  • The in-depth strategy behind each of the emails


Here’s the FULL LIST of the emails included in this collection:


EMAIL 1 – Gallery Tutorial – “Get the MOST From Your Gallery!”
EMAIL 2 – Home Decor Ideas – “Bring these memories HOME.”
EMAIL 3 – Subscribe & Save – “Save 10% on your next order!”
EMAIL 4 – Description of Deep Matte vs. Lustre Prints – “What’s the Difference?”
EMAIL 5 – Free Shipping Promo – “FREE Shipping: All Orders of $100 or More!”
EMAIL 6 – Expiring Soon (1 Month Warning) – “One Month Left!”
EMAIL 7 – 1 Week Warning + Last Chance Offer – “We’ve got a surprise inside!”
EMAIL 8 – Expiring Soon (1 Day Warning) – “Last Call: Gallery Expires Tomorrow!”
EMAIL 9 – Items in Cart Reminder – “Did you forget something?”