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The Dark Side of the Lens

I found this video a while ago, and if I’m being honest, I go back and watch it all the time. But only if I’m being honest…

It’s a promo video of sorts for the acclaimed surf photographer Mickey Smith, but honestly it’s more of an art piece than an actual promo video. If it WERE a straight photographer promo, though, this would be the best one I’ve ever seen. Ever. Big respect to Allan Wilson, the DP.

When I watch this, I can’t help but feel empowered, encouraged, and excited to pick up my camera and create something that is going to be meaningful and remarkable. I can completely identify with the part where he talks about how cameras help him interpret and understand the things he sees. I get that.

What about you? How does this video make you feel? What thoughts do you find going through your head as you watch this and listen to the words? 

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Ira Glass on the First Creative Years

For anyone who has ever been a creative, my question to you – when do those years of disappointment with your work end and satisfaction with your art begins? Does it ever happen? Or is there always going to be a (healthy) disappointment?

Whatever the answer may be, one of my favorite creatives is Ira Glass, the man behind This American Life, and he offers a much needed “Me Too” moment in the midst of a busy season.

Enjoy & Share!

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How To Bring Out Authentic Emotion in Your Shoots

We absolutely LOVE that all of our couples have such unique stories and personalities – we wouldn’t trade this job for anything – but photographing so many different types of personalities can also be challenging, right?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if every one of our couples responded the same way to our jokes? If they all looked great in the same type of poses? If their senses of humor all clicked perfectly with ours? If every groom thought that Jeff’s monkey dance was super awesome and NOT totally lame?

The truth is that we have to connect with each of our couples on a level that makes them comfortable and allows them to relax, but it’s not easy discovering what those levels are when everyone is so unique.

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Pick up the Phone: The Magic of Phone Consultations

I’m not a phone person and to be honest, I don’t think that I ever will be. I’m a quiet and shy individual, and making conversation with new acquaintances isn’t my strongest quality, so talking to a complete stranger over a phone connection scares the BIJEEZES out of me.

I’m talking cold sweats, anxious jitters, and serious bouts of nervous laughter whenever I have to pick up the phone and start sounding official and/or competent to a new person – you know, like I actually know what I’m talking about…

So in our first few years of business, I would hide behind email as much as I possibly could (of course, I wouldn’t have admitted that I was “hiding.” I was simply “playing on my strengths of writing”). Because Jeff and I had impeccable booking rates when we met with couples face to face, our goal was to schedule in-person meetings with every potential client. Meetings worked for us, so we didn’t want to mess with a good thing. But we soon began working with clients from across the US, so we quickly realized that in person meetings were no longer a realistic option. Continue Reading

The Importance of Simplicity

My friend Kevin Swan posted some great thoughts on the idea of simplicity on the Pictage Forums a while back, and I thought it was worth reposting here and sharing (pay attention to the bolded portions). This is a great reminder about the importance of simplicity. What do you think?

“When Apple announced the iPad, critics were quick to point out what it doesn’t have and what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t multitask, it has no camera, it has no ports, it doesn’t support Flash, “it’s just a big iPod Touch!” they cried.

And yet, they sold nearly 1 million of them in the first week–and the 3G version hadn’t even dropped yet.

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White Balance: Auto or Kelvin? PLUS Choosing the Right Focal Point

Welcome to another Reader FAQ! Thanks for submitting your questions to us - we get such a thrill out of answering our readers most pressing questions about their businesses. This is an ongoing series, so make sure to read the rest of our Reader FAQ posts.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered already, check out the info at the bottom of this post for how to submit. You never know, it just may be featured here on the bloggy-blog!

On with today’s questions…

How do you set your White Balance? Do you use auto or Kelvin?

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