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Well folks, we’re back! And we’ve got the second half of one of the coolest – if not most unique – engagement sessions straight out of the Land Down Under. If you had told me on the flight to Australia that I would not only see about twenty kangaroos on my trip but that I would get to sit and pet a bunch of them and then take engagement photos with them, I would have bet you my little bag of peanuts that you were crazy in the head. And you would have won.

I have to say that when Jeff the Groom (we had to use nicknames while shooting to keep people straight – I was named Ehr-Bear) mentioned that we could drive four hours down the Aussie coast to a little beach where we might see a few kangaroos, I was a little skeptical. But a road trip down the coast didn’t sound too shabby so we loaded up our gear and headed out. As you can see below there were definitely kangaroos at the beach and it was definitely AWESOME, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll start at the beginning…

As soon as we stepped out of our car at Pebbly Beach in the Murramarang National Park, we were met – nay, accosted – by these adorable Lorikeets. While they were cute and fun, they definitely took a liking to landing on our heads and stealing the last bit of our breakfast muffins. Punks. Cute, but punks.

Jeff’s Aussie friend, Matt, came along with us to try and get a peek at the kangaroos. Matt also happens to be the Best Mate in the wedding, which just makes me giggle.

Once we walked down to the beach, we were immediately met by – what else – a whole gaggle of kangaroos!!! Or is it a herd? Hmmm… Whatever they’re called, we were jumping up and down and squealing like little kids as soon as we saw them! It took everything we had not to run them down and give them big ‘ol hugs, which I’m pretty sure would’ve totally freaked them out. Once we quietly walked up to them, they were so friendly and CUTE!

And they were more than happy to grab a back scratch or two!

So cute!

We forced ourselves away from the kangaroos for a bit to actually do some shooting at the beach which turned out to be GORGEOUS. So far, this whole road trip thang was turning out to be pretty stinkin’ awesome-sauce.




You guys are the bestest!




I could drink up that sunshine all day.


What kind of beaches have sweet wooden bridges?? The awesome ones, of course!




But it gets even better. What would be better than a sweet wooden bridge? A sweet wooden staircase!





Once we played around on the beach a bunch, more kangaroosies came out to play.

Their fur is super soft. Almost softer than Gracie’s fur. Almost.


I loved how curious they were!


After a little while, a bunch more wandered over for some back scratchin’ time.


Playin’ in the last little bit of light before watching the sunset, petting some more kangaroos, and then reluctantly headin’ home… What a perfect day!


Jeff and Erin: THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING while we were in Sydney. Thanks for the dumplings, for nerdy photo talks, for the gorgeous road trip, for teaching us what Flat Whites and Long Blacks are, for cocktails in a coconut, for Spacepaint man, for wandering the streets for yummy Pad Thai, and for simply lovin’ life. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you in October! Here’s to many more years of exploring the world!



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