Six Acres, a Plow, and a Pitchfork | My Family’s Idaho Portrait Session

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Since Jeff and I were going to be visiting my family in Idaho for Christmas, my sweet sister requested a family photo session. Since she is my sweetest of sisters, I obliged.

So between Jeff, myself, and a tripod, we were able to gather my siblings at the house in which I grew up and capture our growing family. Which was a bit strange to be honest. My entire photography career has taken place in San Diego, so it was a mental shift (to say the least) to put on my photographer eyes and look around at the six acres of country property where I roamed as a child. But I found that the fences, barns, sheds, and farm equipment that were my kiddie playground for 18 years were quite beautiful in the winter light, and they were exactly the kinds of things that we would simply fawn over in Southern California. So if anyone wants to join me in the mean farming fields of Idaho for a truly rustic session, I’ve got the perfect location to shoot!

The best part of this shoot is seeing how gorgeous the images turned out and how happy my family was all together. We began with my sister’s family and her two kiddos, who are simply the cutest! (And yes, we found this old plow sitting exactly as it is in the photos – in an unused horse corral. I used to sit on this plow and pretend that I was driving a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail being chased by outlaws. Who knew it would become the backdrop for family photos 20 years later!)

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My dad was DELIGHTED when he grabbed a pitchfork as a prop for the photos. It made quite a few appearances.

010 011 012

This was me growing up with my big brother – always trying to get his attention and annoy his socks off. It was our special love language.

*Farm Kid Moment* That trough we’re sitting on – as kids, we definitely played in it like it was a hot tub. Except that it was freezing. So more like just a tub. That animals used.


My sister-in-law is the greatest. These two laugh pretty constantly!

020 021 019 018

It really doesn’t get any cuter than this.

013 015

Ok I lied – it just got cuter!


Time to run inside for hot chocolate. The kids were troopers in the cold!


PS Jeff and I don’t photograph family portraits on a regular basis – we love photographing couples and weddings. However, we think it’s super important to document your family’s story just like we did, so if you’d love to have your family captured, then check out Clove & Kin. They’ll rock your socks off!



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