Traveling = Hard

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Ok, I’m about to say it, and I pray for a little grace on this one from my dear bloggy blog readers: traveling sucks sometimes. And… well… traveling can be HARD. Really hard.

Oh yes, bloggy blog, traveling is still fun. A whole lotta crazy stinkin’, boot shakin’, slap stickin’ FUN, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But its also hard. Especially when you’re a blogger.

Oh that word, blogger. When I read that word lately, I cringe, like I just found out that Jeff put my favorite Anthro shirt in the dryer. It physically hurts. I’ve been a pitiful blogger this past month. Just one look at my writing stats from the past four weeks is enough to send me into a downward spiral of mascara stains, Ben & Jerry’s, and the news channel on our hotel TV. I’ll let you paint THAT picture in your mind’s eye.

I’m not gonna lie – there has been a lot of empty space on this blog lately. We came back from Asia over a week ago, and we’ve been on the road ever since – Las Vegas for WPPI and Chicago for a fabulous wedding – which means that our traveling has been filled to the brim with meetings, shoots, flights, weddings, train rides, and more shoots. We love it. We love going, going, going. We love shooting and meeting new people and mentoring photographers and building our dreams with this business. We love being in a different city every week. We love walking new streets and eating greasy food and getting lost in hotels over and over again. But these crazy schedules have left us utterly exhausted, and I’ve let the blog slip into the precarious and dangerous “non-priority” zone (enter dramatic music: dum dum DUM!).

Which brings me to now. I’m sitting up at midnight, clicking away on my laptop, and trying to redeem some lost bit of integrity – I did in fact promise to blog every day not so long ago. And while I needed a break from blogging recently, all of this travel has left me a bit perplexed. I’m not the first blogger to deal with the lack of time to actually blog, so at the risk of sounding completely vulnerable (not the first time), how does everyone do it? What are the secrets to maintaining a daily, interesting, content driven blog? Should I have interns pose as me and sit at home thinking of content all day long? And then write for me too? Is this thing outsource-able? If anyone has tips and suggestions on how to become the next 4-hour-workweek version of the blogosphere, believe me, I am all ears!

Tomorrow, we take off for a destination wedding in Costa Rica, which is the final leg of our three months of straight travel. But our year is still filled with world destinations that a year ago I only dreamed of seeing. While I’m still a little overwhelmed with this whole blogging-from-the-road phenomena, I feel infinitely blessed that I get to share this journey with you, my dear wonderful reader.

As we hop on our flight for the tropics, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on the bloggy blog: Ryan and Chelsea’s fabulous wedding in Chicago!



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