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Gah. This happens to me every year. I let a week slip by without posting anything on the blog. It doesn't mean we're being lazy and ignoring the blog while holed up in Hawaii or anything...Oh wait. It actually does.And it's totally messed me up. Jeff and I were in Kona, Hawaii, for a week and we let ourselves unplug from our email, phones, blog, and internet. It was delicious. We beach-hopped and bar-hopped our way around the island and for a few days my body didn't believe me that I was actually serious about the whole relaxing thing. I still felt hyped up and tense. But I think my body was being protective, 'cuz apparently I don't just relax when I've been going non-stop for the past year. I shut down. My body got the whole "we're on vacay" message mid-week, and before I could say 'aloha', I slept in until noon (3:00pm in San Diego), took a two hour afternoon nap, and then went to bed at 9:00pm. For the rest of the week.The sleep fog didn't let up when we got home last week either. We were both soooooo exhausted from our relaxing vacation that I could barely catch up on work, much less think about writing. I've been sleeping for hours every night and afternoon. It's like my soul has a vice-grip on island time. Which wouldn't be a terrible thing except that I have to be productive and all... sheesh.After that, my parents were in town for the next week. My mother breeds Norwegian Elkhounds and there was a specialty show in San Diego, so we got a visit from a few of her little ones. I grew up with a kennel of these dogs - usually 10 to 15 of them - but I have apparently forgotten how to walk them...After the doggie caravan left to go back home to Idaho, Jeff and I photographed nine yummy recipes for Recipe Sunday coming to the bloggy-blog over the summer. We've got Brie en Croute with walnuts and brown sugar, an Avocado Mango Salad with Grilled Chicken, the best chili I've ever tasted in my life (it's even better than Jeff's famous chili, which even he admits), and a Nut Encrusted Chicken straight off of the diet menu of Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels.These are some of my all time favorite recipes that I've ever posted because they're easy and crazy delicious. Plus, most of them are actually from Jillian Michaels meal plan, and I can't believe how incredibly yummy these healthy recipes are. You'll freak out. Buh-lieve me.Stay tuned to Recipe Sunday every other weekend, and check out past recipes here.Hugs,Erin


Hi there! We’re Jeff and Erin Youngren, a hubby and wifey wedding photography team in San Diego. We shoot together. We travel together. We dream together. And we believe the best thing to hold onto in life is each other (+ a great glass of wine…)


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We’re Jeff and Erin Youngren, a hubby and wifey team that photographs amazing couples and their incredible weddings. Hopeless romantics, BFF's, and mama + daddy to James, we’re obsessed with traveling, podcasts, Oreos (Erin) and whiskey (Jeff).