Copywriting: How to Write Your Site to Attract Your Dreamies with Rachel Greiman

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Creative Rising Episode 306


You take amazing photos, but when the words on your website don’t match up to your gorgeous photographs, it will cost you. Big time.

The copy on your website can either set you apart or blend you in with the crowd, so it’s critical that you not only know what makes you different, but that you communicate it clearly on your site.

Rachel Greiman of Green Chair Stories writes websites for photographers, and she’ll walk you through the most important action steps for understanding your Unique Value Proposition (your UVP), the thing that sets you apart from everybody else.

She clearly explains what a UVP is and (more importantly) what it’s NOT, where you need to communicate your UVP on your site, and how to craft copy that connects with your Dreamies.

If you struggle with copy and wish you could get your site to sound like you, then this episode will help you get the right words on your site – and the right clients in your door.

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About Rachel Greiman of Green Chair Stories:

Rachel Greiman is a copywriter and documentary family photographer in Philadelphia, PA. She owns Green Chair Stories, a company committed to taking photographs and writing words that look and sound like real people. She also believes cookies are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food, as long as you eat some salad later. She lives with her giant dog (an 80-pound bernedoodle named Bernadette) and her giant husband (a 6’6″ man named Travis), and her lil (but probably soon to be giant) baby in a townhouse in the city.

Quick Guide:

  • (02:57) Rachel’s Story
  • (09:04) What is a UVP?
  • (11:34) Step #1: Who do you serve?
  • (14:14) Step #2: What do you do?
  • (16:17) Step #3: Why does it matter?
  • (24:36) SPONSOR: KISS Wedding Books (Thank You!!)
  • (27:12) What does a UVP look like?
  • (40:04) Key elements of an effective About Page
  • (45:59) Writing copy for social media




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