Chuck and Laura, Day After | San Jose, Costa Rica

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That’s the thing about Costa Rica. It just keeps the goodness flowing.

Our final installment featuring Chuck and Laura comes today with their fabulous Day After session in the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica. Most people would think of Day After sessions as “Trash the Dress” sessions, but Jeff and I aren’t  firm believers in trashing wedding dresses. As a former bride, I am part of that bridal camp that gets severe tummy aches at the thought of ruining my beautiful wedding dress. But a photo shoot in the coolest parts of Costa Rica that we couldn’t go to on the wedding day? Now that I can get behind…

We started our time at an old gothic church in Coronado, and we instantly fell in love with these silvery-blue doors that just so happened to match Chuck’s outfit purrrrfectly…





A little breezy-breeze always helps!



I told Chuck that he looks totally GQ in these images. And then I had to explain to him what “GQ” meant, and I just said, “totally studly.”

My favorite image of Chuck of all time. Yeah, that’s pretty stinkin’ GQ.








Sometimes people ask us how we manage to never have people in our images in the backgrounds. Well, we either politely ask them to move for a few seconds, crop them out while taking the image, or in this case just bring a bride around and they tend to get out of the way pretty quick! Works like a charm.




After hanging around the church, we drove down to Barrio Amon to a completely deserted street filled with everything we could ever ask for in a Day After session in Costa Rica. Chuck kind of rocks at scouting locations in his hometown. And he also rocks the sunglasses pretty hard too!



Work it Laura! I think her inner supermodel is starting to come out!


So Laura is completely joking around in these images, but she can totally pull it off! HA! I love it!




These are no doubt my favorite images from the day, and probably from all of Costa Rica – Laura is pretty stinkin’ gorgeous in these!


And now for Chuck’s turn. Again, he can work the beans out of sunglasses!









Chuck and Laura: Thank you so much for allowing us into your lives and letting us spend so much time with you and your families during the week of your wedding. And most of all, thanks for never getting tired of being in front of our cameras! You guys are amazing people and we can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in South America! You had better bring back some pictures from Machu Picchu!



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