What Album Company Do We Use?

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Who do you use to print your albums?

Jeff and I own and manage three photography businesses and the only albums that we offer for all three of them are KISS albums.

We’ve selected them out of the immense pool of album production companies because they demonstrate a few key traits:

  1. They’re the absolute best at the type of albums they make
  2. Their customer service is impeccable
  3. They’re SIMPLE.

KISS doesn’t have a mountain of product options with a maze of pricing grids.

They have simple options with extremely simple pricing and the simplest ordering system in the business.

The clear and straightforward process makes it easy for us to sell albums at profitable rates because the costs are so clear and the workflow is efficient.

We don’t get bogged down when we sell more albums – we can deliver a great experience to our clients while keeping production costs low because we’re not wasting precious time on designing, ordering, and delivering. Perfect!

 We’ve been using KISS since they first began, and we deeply believe in the product and the people behind it.

All of the albums are produced in the U.S. by expert craftsman in Indiana, and I love that they take such great care with these precious books!

We offer all three of their albums – the Leather album is our standard offering for wedding couples, the Tuscan album is our premium fine art option for weddings, and the Linen is for our portrait albums.

If you’re in a place where you’re deciding which albums you’d like to offer your clients I think the biggest (and most helpful) question to ask yourself is WHY you are choosing a specific vendor.

Don’t just begin using a particular vendor because of my (or anyone else’s) recommendation – do your homework and make sure that they’re a good fit for YOU and your clients.

KISS has been a great fit for us and for all three of the wedding and portrait brands that we own, and we will be using them for years to come!

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